Her first time wont be her last I am sure.

20 years ago my wife and I met, Dated for two years and got married, I am 40, she is 38, My wife has had 3 kids but has a very nice body, She is 5'4" tall, 125 lbs, Long brunette hair, Blue eyes and still has the greatest ass, I could walk behind her all day and be happy, We were a bit wild when we were younger, I have seen her do some stuff other guys only wish they could watch, She used to make out with her girl friends when drunk, She never turned down a chance to flash someone, I have photographed her naked tons of times, Videos of her playing with herself, You get the idea.
After we started to have kids she cut out a lot of that but I have seen her kiss friends and she touched one friends b**** after a concert back in our hotel room, I have always dropped hints about a threesome but it had never happened, I always said her and another girl but a while back we were joking around while messing around in bed and I whispered something about her watching her friend suck my c***, She laughed and said "How about you watch me suck someone elses c***?", that was the first time ever that she had even jokingly mentioned another guy, it was always a little bit of dirty talk about her friends during s** but never anything about another guy, After we were done we laid there and I looked at her, I said "do you want to do another guy?", She laughed and said "No, I was just playing", After that she started bringing it up more often, I pulled her d**** out from under the pillow and she sucked it while I did her from behind more than a few times and eventually one night she said "that does it for you?", I said "what does?", She said "me and another guy", I shrugged and said "Hey, If you are up for it I am", She started bringing it up more and pretending during s** became a regular thing.
Last month me and her dropped the kids at her parents and took a "Spontaneous" weekend trip to mexico, No reason just decided we needed a break, Day one we went straight to the bar, it was almost lunch by the time we got there and we didn't waste any time, We drank, We ate, We swam and took in as much as we could, We had s** on the balcony that night and the next afternoon we were sitting by the pool, There was a group of guys there and one kept looking over at her all afternoon, I pointed it out to her and she looked at me, Smiled and said "Stop it", Later we went to a cabaret and they were there, I nudged her toward him and she asked him to dance, I watched as they danced and she obviously told him about me because she held up her wedding ring and pointed to me and he kept looking over, When she finally sat down I asked "What was that all about?", She laughed and said " He was just asking if I was single or if I was here alone", I could tell she liked him but didn't want to be too pushy, I asked why he wanted to know and she looked at me, Tilted her head to the side and said "What do you think?", I played dumb and she said "he wanted me to go back to his room".
I teased her a bit and she said "You really want to have a threesome with another guy?", I said "I told you, If you are into it I am", She said "Oh man, I don't know, that's...", Just then he walked up to the table, He introduced himself to me and set down a couple drinks, He said "I just wanted to say thanks for the dance, I'll see you later, We are going back to the resort".
My wife looked at me and then at him and said "Are you going to the pool bar?', He said "Yeah, The drinks there are free" and laughed, My wife said "maybe we will see you there", After he left my wife and I downed our drinks and walked back to the resort, We talked the whole way and she finally said "Are we doing this, Is this happening?", I kissed her and said "Only if you are ok with it", we walked up to the pool bar and he was sitting alone, We sat with him and he said his friends had gone up to the room, My wife was nervous, She was holding my hand and hers was shaking, We had a couple drinks and I went for it, I said "want to come up to our room for a bit?", He looked at me then at my wife then back at me and said "Sure".
We went up to our room and when we walked in my wife turned to him and they started kissing, Soon he was sitting on the couch and my wife stood in front of him, I stood behind her and kissed her neck and shoulders and worked her shirt off, I unclipped her bra and although she is not super happy with her b**** she let me peel it off and toss it on the floor, I put my hands on her shoulders and gently put pressure on them, She knelt down and I sat on the couch, She undid his pants and shuffled them down, His c*** sprung out rock hard, She took his d*** in her hands and looked at me, She said "Are you sure", I didn't say anything, I just nodded, She leaned in and licked his k*** then I swear I almost came as she opened her mouth and swallowed his whole c***, He wasn't real big but big enough that I was surprised to see her take it all in her mouth, She has never been able to do that to me.
The next hour and a half or two hours we both f***** her, She sucked both of us, She swallowed for me and let him come on her t***, the last half hour I sat back and watched them 69 and then he f***** her again, When he was done he got dressed and after a short make out which I kind of laughed about after because she had already swallowed for me he left, She was all sweaty and still breathing heavy and looked at me, She was nervous and said "Well...", I threw her down on the bed and f***** her until she came for the second time that night which has also never happened before then came in her mouth again, Afterward she said "So, I guess you enjoyed it?", I nodded my head and said "You?", She crawled on top of me and said "Oh yeah, Come shower with me" and we did it again, Sort of, I was only half hard.
We have had a lot of s** since then, More than normal and she begs me to tell her what it was like watching her and she gets off every time as I talk about it.

Nov 10, 2016

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  • I wish my boyfriend would be comfortable enough for that!

  • You guys should get tested. I hear syphilis is on the rise.

  • You lucky b******. I've been trying to convince my wife for years to take another man's c*** inside of her.

  • Very hot!

  • It's great isn't it? I wish it was that good for me when me and my wife started. But it got better.

  • Wow

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