I am married to a great guy, I have a beautiful son...But I wonder why I look to other men to make me feel sexy and beautiful...I wish my husband was more open to saying nice things to me...I have low self esteem, I always have...I think at 30 years old I am better looking now then when we started dating 10 years ago...but I dont feel sexy, or beautiful...I want him to make me feel that...Instead I get off on my ex who gives me that kind of attention...It sucks....

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  • Hey #2: Would it make ME beautiful as well. I love c**. . . .

  • you probably want attention from other men to feel attractive because your husband is not giving you that attention that you need everyone wants to feel wanted especially by the one they are with and when you dont get that attention your gonna seek it else where but like comment 1 just talk to him about it he probably doesnt realize it

  • Yes... I WOULD f*** you nasty.
    ; )

  • Thank you commenter #1...#2 F*** you nasty...

  • Baby, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.
    The only thing that could make you prettier, would be a load of my c** dripping from your chin.

  • You just need to talk to him... tell him what you want/how you feel, just straight out, be blunt if you can. hopefully he'll listen. I dont know but i bet he has no idea you feel that way. And try showing more affection for him, i think one way of getting more attention/affection is to give more. I dont wanna offend but i dont think its healthy to try for this kind of attention from other men, esp. an ex of 10+ years. ne way, thats my advice, probably didnt help much but...

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