My life.

I am fifteen years old. My father left me when i was two. My mother and stepfather have beaten me my whole life. everyone always tells me i am beautiful. I don't feel beautiful. I feel beaten, useless, unworthy. My mom leaves me everyday to drink with her boyfriend, and i have to watch her kids. She brings home people high on drugs. I just want her to be proud of me. I just want my real father to love me, and be here for me. I was adopted by my stepfather, and now he is divorcing my mother. I will now be fatherless once again. My mom just made me move with her into this new town. I know noone. I feel alone. I don't understand what god wants from me.

Jul 25, 2010

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  • I went through many of the same things you did. I am 22 now but but when I was younger and living with my mom things where rough just like they are for you. My mom had me a month after her 20 b day and she should not have. she was with the same guy for 6 years through out high school, they broke up one day and my mom slept with someone else and then went back to her long term boyfriend. She found out she was pregnant after that with me. She had me and the guy was really excited, then 2 years later they found out I wasn't his so he left my mom. My mother found my really dad and he was around a little bit but he was in and out of my life a lot. Some times I wouldn't see him for a couple years. One time I hadn't seen him for 2 years and I was out with my friend and say him in line at a hot dog stand and went up to him and said hi and he didn't know who I was. This is a guy I used to see every other weekend off and on so he should on none who I was. Any way I think after that I relised I did really need him. I mean you don't need a father to have a good life. I did just fine with out him. The last time I saw him I was 17. I recently had a daughter she is 4 months old now and he does know about her and I really don't care his loss. I know you feel like a guy being in your life is important but it's not, and as far as pleasing your mom don't worry about it the only person you need to please is you. I've been through some s*** in my life from being homeless because my mom is to lazy to work to raseing both my younger sister's. Bottom live life can be s***** but once your out on your own you can change that. Look forward not backward. Good luck!

  • The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.

    But one thing i can say is when you feeling bad keep your hand on your heart and say all is well.


  • Millions feel the same way you do and its not right. You just need to keep your eye on the prize, learn to love, and know you will be bigger and better.
    Lord jesus wrap this girl in your love.

  • Yes.

  • Do you have aim?

  • zxcv

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