I'm so afraid of people, i'm very shy. i don't know what else to say.. my voice is very quiet, and i'm often wrapped up in my own thoughts. i think it's becuase i'm overweight, and my mom said that i stopped talking in 5th grade when she had to start working.

this is hard to overcome, especially when i'm around unwelcome and uncaring people most of the time.

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  • People are f****** s*****. You gotta take control and show all these bums that you run this s***!

  • Stop being afraid cause you're overweight.

    I find it beautiful when people with a 'little baggage' have lots of confidence. It's inspiring, its cute. Thinking so much isn't bad...just share a little bit at a time with someone you can trust. When you find out how good it feels to talk even a little bit, it might be a slow process, but you'll find it easier to open up to other people too.

  • Wow im sorta like this except im not fat and not afraid of people. lol
    but ive always been a shy girl.
    and i love how you wrote
    "i'm often wrapped up in my own thoughts"
    cause i do that ALL the time.
    and people always ask me 'what are you thinking about'
    and i say 'nothing' though im thinking about a lot of crazy things.

  • Socially retarded.

  • BOO ! ! ! !

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