College Soldier

I want to join the Army Reserves so badly, and I'm talking to a recruiter coming up very soon. I'm not going to join until I have had a year of college experience so I can adjust to the independent university atmosphere before adding on another commitment. As a high school senior, this is all I want in life for the next few years, but I'm nervous that I'll love college so much that I'll not join the Army. I guess I mean that at that point in college, I'll be enjoying life (being independent, partying but not excessively) so much that I'll be blind to the fact that I ever considered the military, when I know for sure that this experience is something I'd love to have. I cannot do ROTC so enlisting is my only option to be a regular soldier in the Army Reserves in college. I'm just worried that I either am overthinking this, which is most likely true, will forget about the military and then it'll be too late, or maybe this is only a REALLY long phase I'm going through that I want to serve my country, but two/three years into my four year enlistment, I'll want out?

Jan 4, 2017

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  • If your ever injured and a helicopter happens to be more expensive than say what your worth it wont be coming to save you

  • Meat in the grinder you will be disposable for some bullshit idea that you somehow owe your country something just for being born. old rich guys manipulate armies to f*** with relations between countries to make money and serve themselves. think for yourself.

  • Sheep

  • Jealous much!

  • Not of sheep

  • Lol

  • Some people love taking orders lol

  • There are leaders in the Armed Forces who give orders, as well as those who take them.

    Similar to life in civilian street, as the brits would say :)

  • The ones giving them are real cocksuckers to soo weak in their own life they have to impose will on others

  • Your assumptions don't surprise me, I heard it before, 'from many, ignorant minded people!' - Don't make assumptions based on ignorance and lack of knowledge/experience, fool!

  • The only reason wars happen is because a******* can get stupid people to fight for them......the only f****** reason

  • Haha have fun climbing to the top of that pyramid hopfully you can still live with yourself at that point

  • Everyone has there 'ups and downs in life, that's a fact, because that is life!'
    So don't assume, those that have risen to the top of their personal gains, haven't hit rock bottom several times before.

    The importance is, "to always keep trying, you ass!"

  • Are you from America? I ask this, because I don't know the process in America, in regards to the education system and joining the Armed Forces.
    I'm from the UK.

    In the UK, an individual could join any Armed Forces to study for any trade, with or without, any qualifications.

    You can join as a soldier, officer, regular or reserves.

    Are you not able to join the Army in your state as a regular soldier and study for a college degree of your choice in service, at the same time? If yes, that's an option :-)

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