Hopeful Coast Guardsman

I've been a successful student my entire school career, granted I'm only 18 and have never been studied at a university. I'm a senior and am in the top 10% of my class. My parents have been saving for my college education even before I was born. I've had mild social anxiety my entire life but chose to fight it on my own rather than get counseling. My social anxiety only takes control of me when I'm in school since I used to get made fun of by some of the girls in my graduating class. Since then, I've become quite "normal" and just a typical, reserved, nice girl. I've been really thinking about my future for the last couple of months. As a kid, I always said I'd become a vet because I loved animals. Well after some deep thinking about it, I realized I hated science and loved studying the law much more. I loved studying the federal government and all its components. I also really began to think about the military. So I guess you could say I still wanted to be a vet, just not the animal one. I wanted to be in the Navy more than anything, but with college and my parents demanding I put college first, I realized I wouldn't be able to join the Navy Reserves without missing a semester. If I missed a semester, I'd lose my *almost* full ride to a really expensive, private university. I want to join the Coast Guard Reserves, but something keeps telling me in the back of my mind that this is just a phase. I've been through phases before; they usually last a week. This has been my passion for over two months. I know everything I can about the branches of the military, what to expect in boot camp, what my chances of deployment are, the lies recruiters tell, the training after boot camp. I'm just so concerned that I'll never get to say I served my country. I don't want to stay in long enough for GI benefits; I want the experience of being a Coast Guardsman. I want to be able to say I conquered boot camp. I want to be able to say to my college friends that I'm currently in the military. I want the confidence of having to be loud, strong, and calm under pressure. I just I've just always been directed to the scholarly way of life that I never got to really look at the other walks of life people take. Anyone ever feel like they just want to accomplish something that wasn't what they were being toward?


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  • Don't be so hopeful, ken became a druggy chasing a hottie 13 child around called carls, both on drugs now.

  • Just go for it, no f****** around!

  • Does your school have an ROTC program? It would be a way to do both.

  • Unfortunately it doesn't šŸ˜ž but I talked to some of the people at the college and they said they have students who are in military reserves while being a full time student.

  • You can do both. Its not unheard of for a person in the service to get a college degree.

  • Good luck. But be yourself.

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