Belly and Navel Fetish

I confess I have a belly and navel fetish and has had one for Years, I really would like to meet and chat with some woman who also have the same fetish. I am a 26 yr old male, and I would love to press, squeeze and kiss a girls belly ;).

Jan 12, 2017

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  • I'm into navel torture. Hard to find a guy nearby or at least willing to travel or host

  • I can (;

  • Do you have a discord let’s talk ;)

  • Im also into belly punching, I’m not sure if that is in the same line as navel torture but I would love to chat with you if that’s cool with you?

  • I m in

  • Yea distance is an issue I’m a little into that but more into punching would you like to maybe chat?

  • Hey I'm into belly punch. I'm a 21 year fit guy for context. If you wanna chat, let me know.

  • Meant as a reply for user 'Bnynja'..

  • It's really hard 2 find some girl with navel and belly fetish :(

  • We can chat I'm a girl with navel fetish

  • Hi ..I'm boy and I have navel fetish ..I like to finger girls belly button lot

  • What's your Snapchat ?

  • Who are you?

  • I have a navel FETISH also...I like both innies and love to.suck outties...I have loved navels since I was a child ,and still do....would love to hear from you.

  • Would love to chat about belly fetish, are you a guy or a girl?

  • Lovely fetish....I've had one too for years! Honestly though its really tough to find a woman with the same fetish. Good Luck!

  • It's equally hard to find guys who are into the fetish without wanting s** too.

  • Have had this for years, starting, and continuing with, my hot older sister. She wore a lot of half-shirts, tied tops, tank tops rolled up to show off her tummy, and low-cut jeans or shorts that drew full attention to her shapely figure and smooth, oval innie navel. I couldn't help but touch, poke, swirl, tickle..Just have at it whenever I could.

    Few months ago, we moved a friend's kid halfway across the state, and got a hotel room to stay the night. Got back from long day, and she laid flat on the bed, shirt riding all the way up. She said "Hun, do my tummy..I'm tired", so, I pushed the shirt over her b****, and pleasured her tanned, oval innie for about a half hour, causing her to sigh and breathe heavy. I've used candles, stick lighters, silverware, and my fingers to penetrate and please her navel. Even used her own long nails a few times, making her do it to herself.

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