Embarrassing ??

Sry if this comes out as weird but I have a huge belly noises fetish especially if ur a girl who's into it. Idk why but belly noises just turn me on. my Instagram is phil_d__ if any guy or girl haas the same fetish and would like to share :)



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  • I felt embarrsed myself a few times, like the time I set up a confession page called "FESSUP.com" and someone stole it on me and made it better, Iike I was only new at webdesign and still looking for a class to learn it locally in a classroom with a teacher (wow what a outdated concept right) but anyways, this person had the page up for a while and I confessed on it even and then they shut it down for no reason. so confusing. so I set up another one called "the confession box" and never found it again.

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