I am Not going to Cheat...

I recently confessed that I was thinking of cheating on my husband with an ex BF who is also a Friend of my husbands...We were going to meet today..and Fool around, But I decided I cant...I have always been the GOOD GIRL, and I guess being bad was tempting, But I called the whole thing off, He seemed disappointd, but I dont have it in me...Not now not ever....I hope we can still be Freinds, But I dont think I could face my baby boy and my husband...Alittle fu is not worth it....

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  • Wait a minute! What a lot of people don't realize or try not to come to grips with, is that so-called "cheating" is a form of therapy for marriages.
    When the wife or husband has something missing in the relationship, it helps to clarify that which is lacking.
    Having s** is not the issue. Being with someone who you can be intimate with and discuss all your fears and problems with is.
    Having s** outside of marriage has actually saved far more relationships than it has broken up.
    It's the ultimate test of love.
    So, call your ex boyfriend back and make that date.
    I promise you you'll feel better after.

  • You are a wise person. Now grab your husband and get into marriage counseling as soon as possible. There are deeper issues at play here, if you even thought about cheating on him. As far as that friend goes, he doesn't sound much like a friend, if he is willing to wreck your family with your assistance. Stay away from him.

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