dont turn ur back on me

to remember
Current mood: rejected

i've cryed all night
all i saw was ur back turned on me
and then the morning comes and i smile just like nothing happened

because u dont want to talk about it. even if it means that i'll have to fake a happy face. because u r not gettin into it, because u dont want to fight. well guess what! talkin about a problem is not fighting. i dont know in what f***** up world u live but in my world u dont have to shout or say 'f***' every 2 seconds to solve a problem. Its just a calm talk. sharing. but all u want to do is turn ur back and sleep and in the morning u will storm out of the room to either play dumb video games or go to work. and u will make sure to slam every single door in the house. u think its ok, its fine. u called me a hypocrite. i guess i am, because i cant f***** tell the truth cuz U DONT WANT TO HEAR IT!!! HELLO!!! and then u call me a liar. i'm doin my best here to be honest. but i cant help it if u just dont wanna know.

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