My son

My dear son, I love you more than you'll ever know. It hurts to watch you destroying your future. Your friends are bad influences and use you. I hate them all. You have almost died twice. I love you my sweet boy. I will fight for you til the day I die, and in the afterlife. I shall never leave your side.

Jan 30, 2017

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  • Your the problem not his friends. Another mother failing to raise her boy to be a man. Birds of a featber flock together. Your son is same as his friends.

  • Not necessarily - Don't be quick to judge and make assumptions about her parenting skills! Your judgements and assumptions aren't important, because who are you to judge!

    Your judgement determines who you're as a person, compared to the person you're judging! And that is an ugly character to have!

  • I feel your helplessness. To watch a loved one do dumb things. Hang around bad people. To go from one mistake to another. I feel for you and pray for you And your son.

  • Tell your son this, why express it on a website where he won't see it

  • I have, he knows, this is more a message to protect him from a*******

  • She just wants applause for being Martyr Mommy. She ain't gettin' it from me! LOL

  • How will it protect him from arseholes? No one knows who is and who you're, on this website.

    However, the content of your confession was poignant and sad. Hopefully, he will let go of those negative and destructive influences that are called his "so-called friends"

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