I believe love is meant to be selfless. But just like everything else in life, it's not as simple as that and it's more complex/multifaceted, than some people may realise.

Jan 31, 2017

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  • I feel alone.

  • I'm sorry you do. But if it's any consolation, you're never alone really.

  • Love is nothing more than selfishness. It's about wanting the one you love to conform to your standards or giving up and conforming to the one that you think loves you. It is a hoax. If you believe in love, you have abandoned your identity and will never achieve selflessness. "Love" means you are subjecting yourself to someones selfish desires or possibly inflicting your own wants upon the object of your desires. Get over it and become truly selfless. It is the only way to experience true happiness and freedom. Selfish love only has two sides: the lover or the loved. Selfless love, which is something you have obviously never achieved, involves not loving anyone or anything more than anything else including yourself because you realize that everything is equal. Only in this pure state do you feel the love that surrounds you in every aspect of your life and no longer feel the need to seek it out or dole it out insincerely.

  • Selflessness means; you're more concerned with the needs of others, than you're for your own needs.

    I believe there is selfless love, like there is selfish love. I think it's entwined together. I dont think you can have, one without the other. Hence, why its stated in the confession, that selfless love is complex and multifaceted. "Love" itself is complex and multifaceted.

    There's different variations of love. Everyone has a different perspective in regards to the topic of this confession. If you don't agree with some perspectives, at least respect other people's. But hey, each to their own.

    I respect your perspective, but don't fully agree with it :)

    Thanks for sharing.

    So I partially

  • My point exactly. That's why I stand by my confession :)

  • It is and it isn't. Loving someone shouldn't mean that you completely subordinate yourself to another. You can't let someone take advantage of you simply because they tell you they love you.

  • I agree, that's why I stand by my confession. Love is so complex and multifaceted.

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