3 Lives

Every man has at least three lives the professional life, the personal life and the secret life ... the hardest part is making sure they don't interfere with each other ..

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  • I have 9.

  • If you travel through time and space in a blue box, I've seen you on tv.

  • Some individuals do, regardless of gender.

    Everyone has a work life and personal life, that's common knowledge if you're employed and so forth. Sometimes both lives are entwined, sometimes not. In my opinion, they shouldn't be.

    Everyone has secrets they shouldn't divulge. So I surmise, everyone possibly has a secret life. If not, I believe everyone has the potential to attain one.

  • Smartest guys keep them in different closets and prioritize according to convenience.
    Be smart ,play safe and enjoy the different shades of life.

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