I'm having an existential crisis at 17

I'm 17 and I graduated a semester early from high school. I honestly have no friends because I can't connect with anyone. I'm going to community college and I have a breakdown once a week because I'm extremely unhappy. I have no interests I feel like I'm wasting my time. I feel so lost and disconnected. Everyone has something that they enjoy and I don't have a damn thing. I feel empty...

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  • Seek medical advice and support. If not, seek support from online support/forums and vlogs. You can make friends online as well. But be careful when doing so and if you do, then decide to meet them in person - always take someone with you, for safety measures.

    Good luck. Remember, you're still developing from an adolescent into an adult. Your hormones will still be developing and playing tricks on your mind, so just go with the flow and things will get better.

    You have the whole world ahead of you and congratulations on graduating early from High School. I have faith in you that you'll succeed at College as well. Have faith in yourself and try different activities/hobbies, through those experimentations you'll realise what you like from what you don't. Plus, you'll probably make some friends along the way too.

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