I like my gold necklace

Four years ago my gf gave me a 20 inch gold necklace. At first I hated to wear it but over time I got so I love it. I've read lots of things that say girls hate guys in jewelry. I think it's kind of good looking in me. Like if a wear a button down shirt, I usually leave the top two buttons undone. My thin gold chain is visible. It's not like I have chest hair because I'm only 19 and not hairy. But a couple girls have told me it's sexy, but almost every guy in my classes makes fun of it. It's only 2mm thick and it's expensive. It's nothing really tacky. I think it looks good.

Is there anything wrong with a younger guy wearing a tasteful gold necklace? Girls?

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  • I don't think it's trashy, it's sort of like when a man has nice cologne, just makes me think he takes care of himself and wants to smell/look good. Nothing wrong with that, I don't tend to like thin chains as much on a man though cause those are usually for pendants and stuff

  • Personally I think any necklace worn by a straight man looks trashy af. It makes me expect hardcore s***** behavior, especially if buttons are left undone. Gold chains are particularly awful.
    But hey, if it has sentimental value to you, wear it. It doesn't matter how it looks if it's meaningful.

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