Starvation vacation

My deepest desire is to worship a man while he starves himself. When I see a very skinny man on the street I stare at him and wish he was skinnier. I dream that he's only been waiting for a man like me who understands him and ho'd allow him to set himself free and starve as much as he wants....It'd be a match made in heaven...

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  • I stave my gf. We go away camping for a long weeken and I will severly restrict her food. Sometimes she feints. The longest she has starved for me is a week and then I kept her on a simple diet of lettuce and a few other vegtables for a month. She got really skinny. I loved to trace out her bones with my fingers.

  • How do you "stave" somebody?
    What is a weeken?
    How do you "severly" do anything?
    You will never learn what "feinting" is. You are clearly too stupid to have a relationship IRL.

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