Addicted to getting women pregnant

Ever since my early twenties, I've always had a strong urge to have as many kids as possible. I'm thirty and I've fathered nine children so far. It's partly a sexual urge, but emotional also.

My father ran out on my mum and sister when I was three, and growing up without a father really affected me in negative a negative way. So I made sure to only do it in situations where the parents would have no expectations of me, and the child would grow up in a loving home. I became a free sperm donor and helped couples with an infertile husband or lesbian couples have kids. Every time I get the confirmation from them that they're pregnant it gives me an immense sense of satisfaction and pleasure. Partly because I helped some great women realize their dreams of becoming a mother. But, it's become an addiction. And I wonder what would happen down the road when I settle down with a wife of my own.


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  • I love getting women pregnant too. Have you tried natural insemination? It's a little pervy I admit to combine s** with sperm donation, but you'd be surprised how many women are up for it. I do continue sexual contact with them if they want to, and sometimes the most amazing thing for me is s** with a heavily pregnant woman, knowing it's my baby in her.

    4 kids so far and counting :) gunning for double digits.

  • 3 kids so far all from other men, love it.

  • I always wanted 4 kids and got 2 from an ex-wife and another 2 from ex-gf. The women were not kind with me and that upset me,making me move to court each time. At some point,I married a woman who could not get pregnant and we spent money on IVF with no success. After we divorced,I decided to have as many more kids as possible.I got with this one young lady and she now has a son,who is gonna be 1 year old this summer. I will get her pregnant again within this year. Another ex-wife wants 2 kids from me(we never had any and she has none),and so is another lady. They all live in the same country and when I go there this summer,I will try nd get all 3 pregnant. I believe you have done good deeds and you shall be blessed.

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