It's almost every day now that . . .

It's almost every day now that we get more evidence that the world can no longer sustain itself and is starting to unravel. We've had a good run, we earthlings, but it's soon coming to an end. Sayonara.

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  • To all the people who blame millennials: they learned all the s*** they know or don't know from the previous generations, so if they're any one way it's because of the upbringing you old f******** did! I know it's hard for you old people to admit you've made mistakes, but don't blame kids and young people for the way the world they grew up in is. The world you old f**** screwed. If you wanna blame anyone blame your f****** selves.

    Or you know, we could all look for solutions instead of throwing blame around and whining. This shithole planet has a lot more years of suffering, don't worry old f****, we'll all be gone long before the end.

  • The only thing millennials bring to the table at this point is whining about student loans. And the women are the biggest Karens ever, but in SJW form. Instead of running to the cops with some bullshit tale of being accosted, they run screaming to Twitter and Reddit. They are even more intolerant of anything and anyone they don't like than the QAnoners, which is saying something. Ask anyone who has had even a slightly different opinion than theirs.

  • So which is it, precious one? Did you millennials "learn everything they know from previous generations", or are you the ones who know everything and will solve it all using quirky little solutions that no one before you could've ever dreamed of? Because I hear a lot of both coming from your gaping, ever-complaining mouths. (For the slow kids in the back, these two statements are contradictory.)

    You whine about "olds", then turn right around and whine that you get bashed on unfairly "just because we're young". More self-centered hypocrisy.

    If the world can be saved via ukulele music, big fake "nerd" glasses paired with duckfaces, and Starbucks anything, then there's nothing to worry about. Call me old and out of touch, but I think it's gonna take a slightly different skill set.

  • Completely true. I could not agree more. We're done. Will the last one out please turn off the lights?

  • Why bother

  • "You want answers?" "I want the truth!" "You can't handle the truth!"

  • No one on earth knows the truth. The truth is beyond our reach and comprehension.

  • But nearly every generation is oh so convinced at some point that they're going to find that truth, conveniently ignoring the fact that nearly every generation before them has said the same thing and obviously failed.

    It's part of the arrogance of youth. Older Millennials are finally getting it, or at least shutting up about it anyway. Now we have to put up with Gen Z's constant tantrums. I wonder how emotionally impaired and generally useless THEIR kids will be?

  • LOL. You might just be right! Double LOL!

  • The millennials are a worthless sack of maggots.

  • Human beings are worthless

  • I've thought this for years. And now there's science behind it.

  • I know a lot of millennials and none of them -- not one -- have any common sense or have the ability to reason. They're lost. And they'll never find a way home. We've gone from the greatest generation to the worst in the blink of an eye.

  • Right, how the h*** did we go from nicknames like the greatest generation (f****** awesome generation and name) to a bunch a f****** pansy a**** like the "the snowflake generation". What the f***! "Snowflake" are you f****** S******* me?

  • ^totally true^!!!!!

  • The world has always been unraveling. Our houses start to fall apart as soon as we build them, food starts to spoil as soon as we pick it from the vine, alliances become strained soon after being formed. The only reason the world hasn't become unraveled yet is because of the people on the other end working to keep it together. If enough people get your attitude and stop shoveling water out of the boat, then yes, it will be the end. But if we keep trying to hold it together another year, who knows how long we can go?

  • Look at the millennial generation. Do you honestly believe they can -- and will -- do ANYthing to keep this together? Gimme a break.......we're cooked. To the maximum.

  • All the millennials want to do is cry and run to their safe spaces. It's the Baby Boomers and the GenXers who are holding things together.

  • But they aren't going to be in charge much longer, and they won't live forever.....

  • The older millennials are already part of the cadre who are "running things". Are you oh so intelligent and brave little darlings making changes, or are you missing work half the time because it doesn't meet your emotional needs?

    Get going while the going's good-- you won't live forever, either. And I cannot WAIT to see how you and Gen Z (and whatever comes after them) get along when YOU'RE the "olds". It won't be long, trust us on this.

  • Lmao, everyone thinks that because of social media. You don't think people thought the world was ending during WWII? When the US A-bombed Japan? Or how about the black plague? Or Viking times? Maybe even Genghis Khan. We were 2 seconds away from nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. Today we are far from a peaceful world, but we're also far from where we were. The difference is then we only knew about major issues, today with social media we know evertime someone sneezes wrong.

  • It's not falling apart in only the big ways, like it used to. Today, it's falling apart in a billion little ways. Every day. We will not be here much longer.

  • Resurrection and judgement day is on the horizon! If there is a god, I hope I'm in the book of judgement. If not, I'm f*****!

  • Please, you don't think those little things weren't happening before? Of course they were. You just didn't know about them.

  • Sick f***. Yes, you. You're a very sick f***!!!

  • I should have b**** slapped your momma last night when I was f****** her.

  • I heard my mother b**** slapped you, whilst pounding your ass raw with a strap-on! Damn, I bet you couldn't walk without shutting yourself! My bad, you shouldn't have dared my mother to use you as a c** urinal!

  • Yeah......she said you were a waste of her time...........

  • Hmm, she seam to mind when she sucking my d*** like there was no tomorrow.

  • What d***? You call that little stub a d***! D***, may a***! My foot is longer and thicker than your d***! Probably gives more pleasure aswell!

  • So true

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