I am a l married man but before that I was curious and had several encounters with men and transgenders. I never really liked it then but now I fantasize about getting f***** by a huge black d*** whether it's from a sexy tranny or just a black stud. Whenever I have a chance, I'll buy a suction cup d**** and find somewhere to ride out into ecstasy. After wearing pink panties all day I just couldn't resist so I just got done taking a 9 inch d**** literally b**** deep in my ass and it just felt so right. Riding it in the shower against the wall and squatting over it on the floor... I came all over and it gave me a sense of accomplishment/well being when it was all said and done. Only thing is, the d**** doesn't feel pleasure. I just want to give a real black d*** the ride of its life, I want to be picked up and f***** in mid air as I wrap my arms around daddy's neck and tell him how weak his d*** makes me. I want him to pound every bit of testosterone out of me as my d*** shrivels up and reminds me that my ass is his. Jump off with my legs shaking and wrap my lips around his d*** while he c*** in my mouth and moans how good I am at pleasing him. I want to please, because giving pleasure pleases me...

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  • I have a fat 8in c*** and would like to f*** you

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