Want to be dominated by a young gay stud

I'm almost 30, married, but have gay fantasies. I want a young stud with a big d*** to dominate me. Humiliate me that a younger man has a bigger d*** than and force me to be your sissy slave. Ram your c*** down my throat, c** in my mouth, on my face, f*** my ass so hard and rough, then make me do ass to mouth. Humiliate me about my little d***, make me suck you off in public, hire me out to other men, gang bang me! I just want to be a sissy gay s*** to a young hung stud, abused, humiliated, f***** like a w****. Does that turn anyone? What would you do with me?

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  • I've always had fantasies like those. Walking around dressed like a woman has always turned me on. But I like f****** trannys too. I had s** with this one tranny once while I was really, really h****. I f***** and made love to 'her' for about an hour and a half. I released a boatload of c** up 'her' ass several times. After that I couldn't get rid of her. She was always calling me , coming by my house, wanting to see me. I have to admit, I did f*** the s*** out of her. I f***** her a few more times after that, then I guessed she moved away. We loss touch.

  • I love being dominated, forcefully penetrated and going home with a man's cumm slowly leaking into my underpants!

  • I want to be paraded around town in a girl's top, miniskirt and high heels, no pants for quicker access, but c** will be leaking out of my stretched a****** and running down my legs....

  • I would like to fulfil your fantasies

  • I want a man who wants to fulfil his fantasies of having a sissy gay s*** more than fulfil my fantasies. F*** me, rape me, rent me, abuse me, humiliate me...

  • I would get behind that...

  • Get behind me, then rape me...

  • You are sick

  • F*** me and let me suck you after, you'll prefer me to any girl I promise ;)

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