My husband and his mate when we were having a threesome wanted me to take it a*** I said no but what does it feel like?

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  • Get a small butt plug and wear it regularly. Then just pick the one with the smallest c***, use lots of lube and make sure you are on top so you can control the entry. It will hurt for a bit, because you will naturally tense up. Just relax and take it slow. Once you have had them both c** in your ass, you will be hooked. Wait until your first DP, wow! hen tell hubby you need him to procure more mates for you, because you will be feeling sore but slutty.

  • Thanks for the comments I was expecting more but I think I will let him because he has been pleading

  • Just remember to let us know how it goes (in great detail)! ;)
    Have fun! :)

  • I love it, hubby f*** me up the a*** once s week

  • Do you clean the s*** off his c*** too?

  • Oh yes, that's part of the fun

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