My insecurity may cause me to cheat...

My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 2 years. After months of asking I finally convinced him to have a threesome with me. Now that he's agreed I feel like he's bored with me and this is his way of sleeping with others without cheating. After so many months, what made him finally change his mind? I still want to have the threesome but now I'm considering doing it with another couple without him. I feel awful. The thought of him having s** with someone other than myself with or without me there makes me sick to my stomach. I've never thought about cheating on him before, I love him so much. When did I become so insecure and selfish?

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  • Your a f****** b****

  • YOU're the one who wanted a threesome but you think it's HIS way of f****** someone else without cheating on YOU?

    YOU suggested it in the first place and repeatedly asked for it even when he refused. maybe he only gave in because you nagged him too much?

    sounds more like you want to have s** with other people without him considering it cheating but it has to look like its his fault so that you can hold it against him if things dont work out exactly like you want.

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