Online Virgin

My ultrasound said I was supposed to be a girl, but I was born a boy. At a very young age, I used to wonder about my cousin's pink silk panties and let the dog lick my a****** because it felt funny. I've kissed two girls in my life, but never had a girlfriend. The closest I came to losing my virginity was when a girl in leggings grinded on my 4 inch p**** until I came myself. I started masturbating to gay p*** around 10 and never stopped. I've cross-dressed a couple times and have been addicted to sissification and feminization for years now. Here's the kicker. I have an online girlfriend I have never met. She has no idea how much I want to try on her lingerie collection with her and have her do my make-up. I want her to shave me smooth, lock up my clitty, and break in my sissy c***. I want to eventually be a permanently feminized transgender bbc s*** for my "girlfriend" that I have never met. By the way, I'm totally not gay.

May 8, 2017

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  • I'm a busy mature bi woman, I'd love the do your makeup and dress you up as a sexy young woman. You would be my maid for the day, with you little c*** caged. I would let you suck my fat nipples and finger my p**** in till you beg me to be freed from the cage, then you would be allowed to w*** and s**** on my big t***

  • The two of you make a wonderful couple. I do believe the little sissy should be spanked on her girly bottom until she sheds tears before she is allowed to release herself.

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