What do i do now?

Ok let get it out there I am a crossdresser. I am married for 12 years now and have been a CD since I was teenager mainly my mothers and aunts clothes. But since getting married my wife's and her mother clothes since they fit me nicely. I have kept it a secret, have only a couple of panties and bras that are my own. So here is my problem. My in-laws are divorcing my mother in law found her husband was sleeping with her best friend for many years. So she through him out. They are selling the house since nether one can buy the other out. My father in-law asked me to help him move a sofa, big lounge chair, and help disassemble the pool table. He had rented a U-haul truck. Plus a bunch of boxes. Once he was loaded up he asked me to lock up and that he would be back the next morning to get the rest of his stuff. I said sure thing. Once he was gone and out of sight I went right back in to the master bedroom. There was about 4 containers with my mother in-laws clothes, plus 3 garment bags. in one was a bright red evening gown full length to the floor. I just couldn't resist to I removed it from the bag and hung it on the bathroom door. I went through the containers and found some red panties, black strapless bra, off black stockings, black garter belt, and some open toe black heels. It took me about 20 minutes to get myself all together. I loved how it looked. The shoes were a bit tight otherwise it was made for me. Needless to say I was excited inside those panties. I started to rub away and ended up climbing on the bed, then turning on my knees and doing something I enjoy feeling myself up. I had 2 fingers in me and was saying Oh Bob do me baby fill me deeply. Pretending I was my mother in-law and how she would call her hubby. That is when I feel a pair of hands on my cheeks, and I hear baby doll you look so hot. Ruth never looked so good. As I look back over my shoulder he had his shorts down around his ankles with his underwear off also, he leans into me and says now lest go deep should we. Which he did. Once he was done he walked away and called out why don't you keep that plus pick a few others and i'll keep them at my place for when you come over. I stayed on the bed, he cleaned himself padded my butt and told next week baby doll? Then he left me there. I changed and didn't know what to do. I did take 3 complete outfits which he picked up the next morning. My mother in-law didn't notice the missing outfits apparently she hadn't worn them in ages. He wants me to visit in 2 weeks, I want to but I am scared to death where this is going long term.


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  • Well I still dress, but have expanded to seeing other men, I have found I prefer mature men over 55. My wife did find out me dressing, wearing her and her mother's outfits. She finally found out about me having s** with her father. That was messy she walked in at his house and I was on the floor in her mother's summer dress sucking him. Just as he filled my mouth. It took a lot but we still together, she accepts me as gurl. She likes wearing a strap-on and being in control. Her mother did come to find out, her ex yelled at her in an fight that I sucked better than her. After that all was known about me and her clothes and ex. Before I knew it I went over there for something and she hugged me and kissed my cheek then said so you suck better than me and like it in your ass in my clothes? I spent the next 2 hours explaining to her everything. She was actually understanding much to my surprise. I do see about 3 men on a regular basis.

  • Do you love him?

  • Hey, how about an update?

  • Well it looks like he has you between the proverbial rock and hard place. He's in the driver's and the one calling the shots. He's probably going to take photos or video of you while crossdressed and in compromising positions to use as leverage to keep you coming back.

    My advice is to read up on how to be a good gay sissy b**** and s***. Your life will be much easier and more or less normal if you play along and give him what he wants. As I'm sure you realize, life as you know it will end and things will never be the same if you dont.

    Who knows, he may grow tired of you in a fairly short while - you might just end up liking forced BJ's and BDSM with your cross dressing.

    I know that I do!

  • You must go I like wearing panties that belong to my mother in law and my mother also like wearing bras pantyhose and nighties and some of my dresses

  • The dresses are my wife's when I am wearing panties and a dress with garters and hose that the girl in me what I am saying I like being a girl and as you I put my wife's 9 inch toy up inside me going up and down on it while I lick my c um off my panties or off the tip of my rod just like a girl should

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