mother in law

I have a crush on my mother in law, when she visits I find her used panties, put them over my head and sniff her juices while I use her clean panties to massage my d***. I have seen her nude a couple of times and now I am hooked. I try to causually rub against her as much as possible. She is incredibly fit and good looking. Just a fantasy.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • My MIL caught me licking the gusset of Her panties once and insisted that i get naked and let Her see me that way...Her daughter had already told Her that i had a tiny p**** and that i was a sissy!! She laughed so hard She almost hurt Herself...i turned red and worse, the tiny thing got as close to hard as it can get anymore!! She laughed even more & said She just had to take some pictures!! i excitedly agreed....i never thought about Her getting my face in them & sharing with Her friends!! She suggested i had been a "bad boy" and made me lay across Her lap as She spanked me for a long time....Then She TOLD me i would have to eat Her whenever She wanted from now on....and maybe a few of Her friends too!! my Wife hated to go visit Her Mom, so i volunteered to start taking care of Mom's needs....i began to wonder if She knew just What needs i satisfied?? Later Her Mom admitted that Her daughter had a well hung boyfriend, so when i ate Her, i was eating His c**....i began doing it more often, and She figured out that i was enjoying it a bit much!!! IT seemed that She was having Him fill Her up, & getting me to clean Her quickly afterward!! Meanwhile MIL had gotten 3 of Her widowed friends hooked on my tongue too! This sissy is just in heaven getting so much s**!!! MIL still insists that i service Her at least 3 times a week!!! i Love my life!!!

  • My own son in law also loves to sniff and lick my dirty panties while he jerks off whenever he can. When I first caught him doing it I was a little shocked as I am 86 this year. I have not had s** for 17 years since my husband died but I still m********* regularly, infact I played with my old p**** just an hour ago while fantasizing that I was having s** with my son in law. My came soo much right into the gusset of my white cotton panties making them extremely sticky with my discharge and creamy c**. I left them on top of my hamper knowing that my son in law would be round in ten minutes to walk my dog as he does every morning. As soon as he got here he went straight into my bathroom. And sure enough he had sniffed and licked them clean and then wanked off into them filling them up with his hot salty c**. I sucked his c** off and then took them out to him and asked if he had enjoyed cleaning my c** out of them. To say that he was shocked was an understatement. I know that you have been sniffing my dirty panties for years its ok its our secret I will not tell your wife. As long as you eat me out for real whenever I want it. Yesss yes he said with real enthusiam. I lifted my skirt up and said you can start right now. And my god he knows how to eat p**** I came 4 times all over his face.

  • My MIL is 95 and I like to sniff her panties for ass prints. I stole a pair and beat off while sniffing them and looking at her Facebook photos.

  • I like to casually rub against my mils ass and b******

  • I was really attracted to my ex's mom. I got drunk with her one time and fingered her p****. We never did anything after that tho. If my wife had found out she would have been very hurt. Oh well I am remarried now and my mother in law is hideous. Enjoy

  • i am really glad you are not my husband. damn.

  • That should turn you on your husband sniffing and tasting the slit of your mother off her panties i have sniffed and tasted the slit of my wife's mother

  • I also love to sniff and lick my wifes Mothers dirty panties. Her juices always taste and smell really musky and slighlty sweaty. mmmmm

  • I love the scent of her slit and how good she tastes when I sniff and lick her panties

  • adding to the first the dog you are !

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