Hairy exhibitionist wife

My wife is quite an exhibitionist. She likes showing off her naked body. One time in particular was last November. We had a couple friends over for dinner. It was late and we had all had a few drinks. Her long time friend asked me if I was going to do no shave November. I said that I probably would. She (Carol) said that she probably wouldn't shave her legs for November and then asked my wife (Samantha) if she wanted to join her in doing it. My wife said, "Honey, I participate in no shave never." Carol said, "Wow really? Can I see?"

I assume Carol expected my wife to pull up her pajama bottoms and show off hairy legs. Instead, Sam stood up and dropped her pants showing off her dark brown full bush. Now my wife hasn't shaved her p**** or armpits in 15 years. In fact, she was fully hairy when we met. She said she liked the fact that it didn't turn me off but actually turned me on.

She will sit in a chair with her legs open with no pants on and you can barely see her p**** lips through the hair. I also like to bury my face in her bush and eat her p****. She gets looks in the summer when we are at the beach. Her bush very slightly sticks out the top of her bikini bottoms and definitely is visible on the sides by her l****. Doesn't hurt that her bikini is white and transparent. Aside from that, she loves to wear tank tops and her glorious hairy pits out on display.

Anyway, Carol's husband Frank blurted out, "G*******, that's hot." Carol exclaimed, "Honey!" Frank said, "I can't help it. She has a marvelous looking p****. You are a lucky guy Steve!" Carol leaned over to Sam and said, "I'm either gonna have to grow out my pubes or Frank is going to want to f*** you." Sam just said, "She wouldn't mind a visitor sometime."

May 26, 2017

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