Sharing my wife

There have been times when I've fantasized about watching my wife have s** with another man. We've talked about it before while having s** and it has turned us both on and allowed us to have incredible s**. But in the end she says that she doesn't think she would ever do it. Lately I have imagined us at some random get together and I find a guy I wouldn't mind her having s** with. I imagine getting her a little drunk to loosen her up, then taking her into a bedroom and getting her h****. I would then have the guy come in and watch as I undress my wife. I would lay her down on the bed and slowly take her panties off and tell her open her legs and let him see her beautiful shaved p****. I would want the other guy to touch her and want to have her. I want my wife to suck him and for him to lick her p****. Then I would tell my wife I want her to have s** with him. I soo want to see another man's c*** slide into my wife's wet p****!

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  • My wife is very sexual to begin with and one day she caught me surfing the net for p*** she laughed calling me a pervert but I couldn't help my self and one evening she came in where I was and watched over my shoulder as this black guy f***** a white wife with the husband watching then scoffed saying no way could a man watch his wife do something like that and walked out but later she came in behind me watching over my shoulder for awhile then asked they are fake aren't they ?
    We began going through sites and found several with wife sharing sites and she became very quiet watching several wife's s**** guys then said you couldn't do something like that could you and I assured her that it had been a fantasy of mine for a long time.
    At first we roll played with me being another guy and after she got over laughing I found out that she began to respond to me better when she was wearing a mask and I was quiet and her o****** were more intense.
    Well it took several weeks before she actually agreed to do it but she didn't want me to watch so I dropped her off at a bar and she would call me if she didn't score but she never called and I had a wile evening wondering just what was going on and finally fell asleep on the couch and she woke me up about 3:00 AM her makeup smeared all over her face and her hair in wild disarray.
    We went to bed and I was wild with desire and I mounted her and felt his c** inside of her and I lost it C****** very quickly.
    We repeated it several times before she agreed to do it with me watching.

  • I had the same fantasy and actually made it a reality. My wife and I ended up meeting a black guy who helped fill our wildest fantasies. We became friends outside the bedroom as well and carried this on for a number of years. We have a wonderful marriage and a great family. No one would ever believe that we would do this. The s** was incredible for her and was equally good for me seeing her enjoy it that much. While the fantasy was great, the real thing was unbelievable. This may not work the same for everyone, but it did for us. We were just lucky in hooking up with the right person. The first time we were together my wife asked if I really was prepared for this as we could not take it back once it started. When I saw him kiss her for the first time I was so aroused I could not stand it. He then took his pants off and put my wife on her knees. By the time he put his big black c*** in her mouth and I watched her go at it with him I had to ask myself who is this girl I'm married to, it was unreal. My wife at the time was about 38 yrs old, 5"6, 125 lbs with blond hair. After sucking him she took off her clothes, took him by the hand to the bed and begged him to f*** her. Watching this big powerful man get on top of my pretty little wife was mind blowing. Simply watching her in bed with a stud like that was like having an out of body experience. He proceeded to f*** her good and by the time we got home the s** was better than ever. Needless to say we had a wonderful experience with our friend over the years and have no regrets of fulfilling this fantasy.

  • Invite another couple over for drinks and get a sexy board game or play strip poker. Make sure you tell the wife that the furthest you are willing go is to watch the other couple having s**, and letting the other couple watch you and your wife have s**. After a few times either that is as far as you will go, or things could get hotter. Follow your wife's lead.

  • My wife and I talk about having someone f*** her while I watch.Its normal,when we f*** she tell me how she whats to go home with him and where he could bring his friend to f*** her as well, when I f*** her she always tell please tell to slow down, he is f****** hard let him use me for ever and on and on.

  • The fantasy is probably better then the reality. Inviting someone else into the bedroom or your marriage is never a good idea. What happens if this other guy satisfies her more than you ever could and she hooks up with him on her own? If she does go through with it for you, make sure she's totally on board. Most women can't just have s** without some emotional attachment involved. She may hate you for it afterwards.

  • Get her to do it. I have shared my wife many times. She says that she wishes we started doing it long before we did.

  • I think thats really hot too

  • I can do your wife. I have a really big c***, is that a problem? I could totally do her good. And if you're interested I'd let you lick me clean when I'm done. It's cool if you aren't into that, just throwing it out there.

  • Maybe she'll come around if you pick the right guy.

  • Of course you do! What else is new?

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