No love

I don't love my wife. I am ambivalent to her and her well being. She gets sick I feign empathy. If she gets happy I feign excitement.

The only reason I married her is because people would hound me in life to do so. Now I just see her as a second income. A convenience really. I haven't had s** with her in a long time. The only way I get hard is knowing I wasted her life. That I've ruined a perfectly good woman by faking love.

I mistreat her every chance I get and that makes me happy.

I've taken secret pictures of her naked and shared it with tons of men. H*** shes currently pregnant and have been secretly taking explicit shots of her in the gyno getting her exams and showing those to some of her male coworkers.

I'm proud I've been able to hold this facade for so long. My plan is to log everything and give it to my wife and her family on my death bed. Making her realize her life had no meaning.

I am heartless and might possibly be pure evil and that fills me with contentment.

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  • Please kill yourself, you piece of s***.

  • Me too. pretend excitement is the way of the world, look at all those drollie fools with their selfies. that is fake excitement and fake social connections.

  • Such a weak weak person you are. i hope your life remains empty and you are filled with sadness.

  • Very nice. That's what women are only good for. They pretty much suck at anything that requires any degree of thought.
    Most females are high maintenance and don't have any common sense.
    I've always enjoyed slapping them around and reminding them that they are no good POS.

  • Honeyyyyy! Your fish fingers are readyyyyy! Mommy made them into a smiley face for youuuu! Come on, get off your internet thing and come make your Buzz Lightyear plate all nice and shiny cleeeean!

  • God will not be happy with u

  • God has no place in this world.

  • There is a special place in h*** for cowards.

  • Is that your address?

  • It's one thing to think of her simply as a second income, etc., but sharing pics without her permission is s*****. I hope she kicks you in the b**** so hard that you die.

  • She must be an amazing person since you feel such contempt for her.

  • WOW, in all the time it took you to type that, you could have googled a lawyer for divorce papers.

    You're sick.

  • F****** loser your life has no meaning. you should kill yourself.

  • What a miserable pathetic excuse of a human you are. I am ok with that. I don't even care that you plan to destroy your wife. Just don't convince yourself that you're somehow superior. You're not. You're a sad loser. lol

  • I'm a loser? You sound as retarded as that stupid orange troll. You were almost on a roll then you had to ruin it by using a Trumpism. Congratulations you unimaginative lifeless cumdumster.

  • Aww, is that you, Hillary?
    Which of your associates will be killing themselves this week?

  • MAGAT: Waah, why won't people leave Dubya aloooone? He's not president anymore, leave him be!! Live in the present!!!!!
    Also MAGAT: hurrrr Killary Odumbo hurrr hurrr hurrr

  • Awww is that a trump lover there ohhh it is how much closer are we to nuclear war you f****** dumbshit

  • What Trumpism? I am not even American. I still think you're pretty sad and pathetic though. And the fact that you feel the need to go at defending yourself to anonymous comments tells me you realize deep down what a sad loser you are. :)

  • Yes you are a loser your life is just as fake as your wifes you f****** c*** take a razor to your wrist and go the long way you butt ugly small d*** f***. someone from her family will take a rock and bash your head in you shrimpy waste of life.

  • Bring it, scooter!

  • You wouldnt stand a chance

  • Ohh such a weakling how old are you? my guess would be 40s. you just a limp d*** b****.

  • Wow your amazing .. u made me hard

  • Nice! You want to touch tips?

  • How do i connect with you

  • By taking a gun putting it in your mouth and pulling te trigger no one will care....

  • You first.

  • No no i insist

  • Dude, it's not that your wife's life has no meaning, but if you're so focused on destroying her life, that means your life has even less meaning than hers. I don't get why you're wasting YOUR time, just divorce her, be single and travel or get another woman or two and live it up.

  • My life has meaning, destroying hers. Since I don't feel I'm wasting my life then I'm glad knowing I'm wasting hers.

  • Man that is soo pathetic

  • Kill yourself

  • After you!

  • I dont have a reason to unlike you lossssser

  • My wife went cold on me. So I figured I'd go find someone else for the fun excitement stuff. Now got this lady and we meet for hot physical stuff. I play out all my fantasies on her. She knows that is the deal. Sometimes I spank her. Sometimes I tie her up and sometimes we go out to fancy restaurants. Now at home I don't look for emotional connection. I don't argue with my wife. I just don't care.

  • This is the OP.

    I understand what you mean. I've had three affairs on my wife, one more recent with one of the wife's best friends. I took pictures of our encounters, all in our marital bed. Those will be part of the log and one day she'll see even her friends holds no value to her fake life.

  • Kill yourself b****

  • GFY, rapist!

  • Do it

  • Kill yourself you f****** weak little c***

  • You need severe help.

  • I do get help. There are plenty of men in my wife's life that help in destroying her life. Every time one of those guys agrees to look at her nude photos behind her back is another notch on my belt towards her ruin

  • You next life you'll probably be a woman born in Afghanistan - good luck with that

  • Thanks for your blessings. I'll need it with all the rape and abuse I will recieve!

  • Yeah you need a torch left on your face for about 30 seconds

  • *3 hours

  • What a f****** loser

  • I'm not going to judge you. Few questions, did you ever love your wife? Did something happened to your relationship? I ask because the resentment you feel for her seems to be immense. Did you feel any relief writing this post?
    I wish for your relationship to get better soon.

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