Swearing just for ratings is bad.

I don't want to meet gordon ramsay, he is so rude and agro and swears all the time, the cops would arrest him for swearing alone. but nothing would please him. he aint coming to my place, i couldn't help him any. if he came to my parents house lucky we are not cooks or restaurant owners. I am embarrassed for you.

Jun 12, 2017

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  • Swearing just for ratings? I hate it. I really f****** HATE it!

  • LOL!

  • We now live in a world where every 10-year-old girl has the vocabulary of a merchant marine. It's sad. So very, very sad.

  • Gordon Ramsay needs a good ass kickin'. He wouldn't have reached adulthood, spewing his s*** in my neighborhood. Those cats in England must be weak.

  • The new movie [released yesterday] "Rough Night" (Scarlett Johansson, Kate McKinnon, Ilana Glazer, et al) is Exhibit "A" to your thesis. The entire movie is just a series of swear words strung end to end, pointless or mean-spirited or both. That is its entire substance. And so it makes your point perfectly about the way people express themselves. It's disgusting. And embarrassing.

  • Gordon Ramsay is a wiener. Everybody knows it.

  • One day, that p**** is going to go off on the wrong contestant, and he'll wind up beaten beyond recognition. Trust me, it's coming. Nobody thinks he's worth the trouble he is.

  • Sadly, he is just one tiny example of the coarseness of the world today, and the manner in which we relate to one another. The phrase "civil discourse" no longer has a meaning. Music, movies, TV, comedy, books, etc., all are densely packed with crude language, where the four-letter word is considered an acceptable substitute for force, emphasis, humor, agent and even love (now understood in no other manner than sexuality). Gordon Ramsay isn't a cause. He's just an effect.

  • ^so true^...... another more current example is this sick crazed rabid drooling animal now being touted as the "frontrunner" for the democratic presidential nomination in 2020. her name is kirsten gillibrand and shes the junior senator from new York (junior to chuck schumer)......... shes been well known for using angry foul language in public speeches for quite a while but within the last couple weeks she's been constantly dropping f-bombs in her rants against president trump. shes garbage. real trash............and the culture loves her because she "speaks her mind"... because shes "real" ............ because shes "down to earth". this is the world we have created. this is the world we are now stuck with.

  • So it's bad and awful and horrible if a female and/or Dem does it, but you'd happily choke to death on Donnie's wee little n****** if you were allowed anywhere near it (and could find it under that belly)? Because everything you just whined about, your precious orange overlord (who gives zero $hits about unwashed commoners like yourself) has done, is doing, and will do until he keels over. Explain how this is not hypocrisy. Leave nothing out.

  • Its just encouraging angry rude business and people, you see it on tv and it effects the mind soon people copy it and then expect the lifestyle to go with it.


  • Hmm, I wouldn't want to cook for him or have him in a hotel I worked at, imagine working with him or his wife and kids. I guess he is just human and wants ratings so hams it up for the cameras. they need the money? not likely.

  • Agreed. They all need a beating. Actually, they all need a series of beatings.

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