Wife discovered my fetish

My wife discovered I am into small p**** humiliation recently. I'm smaller than average and I love to be told it. So since she found out, she teases me during s** and I struggle to hold back and not c**. Yesterday she got me within 20 seconds telling me how big her ex was. I pared to me, it sounds so cliche but OMG I shot so hard and good!

Now tonight she told her best friend about how small my d*** is right in front of me. I got an instant b**** and had to fight the urge not to just c**. She told me to sneak off to the bathroom and w*** but keep listening. Next thing I hear is she is showing her friend a pic and all I hear is laughing and comments about how tiny it is. I shot my load all over the floor without any waiting. She is coming over again tomorrow and my wife says her friend wants to see and join in the humiliation. I'm in a state of permanent erection!

Jun 19, 2017

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  • My wife simply put her pointing finger as measuring scale and told her finger is bigger than my erect c***. Further just five to six penetration into her hot p**** I just eject my c**. The situation even after masturbation is also the same. I am helpless and feeble in s** matter. The thought of going for s** give me the feeling that I will just c** in my underwear itself. Too much excitement and inferiority complex overrides my urges.

  • I love when my virgin fiancée makes fun of my small size and how my small d*** doesn’t deserve to be the first d*** inside her p****. I honestly can’t last long, when she talks about her choosing other men to be her first, because my d*** is small.

  • I'm an 18yr old male I'd love to dominate you and your wife. Duck her as you watch my young fat c*** fill her c***, then funk you

  • After you’re done with OP’s wife, I hope you seduce my 28 year old virgin fiancée. As a cuck, I think you know what I desperately want to happen more than anything!

  • F***, I'm not sure we're ready for that kind of thing. She does love f****** her big d***** but don't think she wants another guy and not sure I want to be ass f***** thanks.

  • That was a sensible reply, I'm now wanking off to the idea! I want to see a guy f*** her better than I ever could! Then treat me like a sissy too

  • I'd f*** your wife and make you suck her p**** juices of my hard c*** f** boy

  • After your done with his wife, please tell me what you’d do to my 28 year old virgin fiancée, if you could.

  • Please keep calling me f** boy through all of this!

  • So I was made to strip for wife and friend and was teased about my little d***, my wife's friend wanted me off with her thumb and one finger, teasing me, I cam within about 10 seconds. They laughed so hard but what I didn't know was my wife was filming it. I came 6 times that night, one time into an XL condom which was so loose on me and then made me swallow my c** from it during my next w***.

  • I a ways w*** into a condom and then drink it. I'd ove to taste another man's s**** but don't want to be labelled as gay. I don't fancy other men I just want to taste their s****, I suppose I wil have to find someone and suck their c*** but I'd love to meet someone who would w*** into a condom for me. I would pay them

  • Wife's friend brought her husbands used condom round for me to wear, c** into and then swallow it all.

  • Sissy b**** small c***

  • You want me to be your sissy b****?

  • I'd love to f*** your a*** as your wife and friend watch. I'd f*** your wife as well, showing her what a big fat c*** feels lick

  • Oh, f***! After you’re done with OP’s wife, please seduce my 28 yo virgin fiancée! Show us how your fat c*** will permanently take her virginity. Show her how a real c*** feels like. Show her what it’s like to have s**! If you want others to watch, bring them with you (as long as they’re trustworthy). Let everyone see you become the god of all bulls.

    When this happens, please tell me everything you feel when you start to enter her. You know how bad I need this to happen, so tease me in front of everyone, and say you’re not going to f*** her; so that everyone can hear me beg you. I’ll let everyone know how hard I get off on being sexually humiliated, and that nothing gives me that better than sexual jealousy. I became a cuckold because it humiliated me with sexual jealousy unlike anything else. Virginity is meant to be permanent. Once it’s gone, it’s impossible to get it back. There’s a profound satisfaction of knowing a woman chose you to be the first to have s** with her and have this permanent gift. When I met my fiancée, you can only imagine how I felt when I realized that I can be permanently denied the chance to have her virginity, if she chooses another man over me to be her first. I can’t get off on anything else, except this fantasy, and your d*** is finally teasing her p****! Please put it in!

    I want you to laugh at me struggle to cope with the overwhelming levels of cuckold
    angst, when you push it in. I’ll be trembling with jealousy. I’ll be permenantly humiliated. I’ll have to j*** off. Everyone will see how much bigger you are than me. Please ruin her! Everyone will hear my fiancee moan and scream, as you f*** her virgin c*** and make her c** nonstop. Let everyone know how tight it’s squeezing your c***. My fiancée is your s***. When you’re ready to c**, pump your load without warning, so that everyone can watch my reaction when I figure it out. They’ll see that realize I lost this, when my tiny d*** erupts. I’ll tell you I’m so jealous as I finish.

  • You want me bent over, my little d*** hard and dribbling c** as you pound my ass? After you've f***** my wife, I'll try f****** her to see how loose she is. How big is your c***? Maybe it'll need cleaning in my mouth...

  • 7in and fat, circumcised. You will suck me and your wife clean. If you are a good sissy you can the w*** as we watch and laugh

  • Your big fat d*** will taste of my wife's p**** and my ass, can I w*** as I suck your huge d***? Oh wow, I have the urge to wear high heels when you bend me over and fill my a****** with your monster c***?

  • You can only w*** after you have finished sucking my fat c*** as me and your wife drink wine and laugh at you. When you s**** it will be into a glass of wine and then you will drink it, the we will s**** you for being a little d*** b****

  • Yes sir, I will only w*** after I've sucked your big d***. Oh you and my wife ganging up on me, laughing as I stroke my little d***, it's making me hard right now. My c** will build up watching you f*** my wife and stretching her out and build up when you fat c*** is pounding my tight little a******. Would you like me dressed up for you?

  • Yes, sexy nighty stockings and suspenders. I will f*** you and your wife roughly and you both will be my b****** i will share you with friends but keep your wife for my self

  • Just f***** my other sissy birch. He has a skinny 4in c*** I tie rope around his circumcised little k*** and put a weight on the end of the rope,it stretches his c*** and i bent him over and f***** him hard. I spanked in his a*** and he sucked me clean, I removed the weigh and he cried as he was in pain and I laughed at him and told him to w***, he was close to s**** so I ordered him to stop, he was crying again so I spanked him a*** and f***** him again and he spunked as I f***** him over a coffee table. I then ordered him to eat his s**** off the table

  • Wow! My d*** is roughly 4-4.5in as well. Hearing what you did to him made me c** just thinking about being in that position. I would love to c** whilst you f*** my ass with your big fat d***. Oh god master! I want to be your slave and to be shared with whoever you want as, a sissy slave and my wife also but just for your big d***, giving her pleasures I cannot. I want to wear stocking and suspenders for you with a sexy lacy matching set of panties and bra. Then you can take me roughly, pull down my panties and f*** me hard until you c**. I'll lick up my c** and keep it in my mouth as I'll suck your d*** clean.

  • Hàs your wife agreed to let me f*** her. Get her to send me a message

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