Next door girl

My next door neighbors girl is 16 and she started coming over ever day after school for a smoke.She is hot and i started to m********* before she came over and i would rub my c** on the smokes i would give her i got hard watching her put them in her mouth knowing my c** was on them.i then started showering before she came and i would be naked when she walked in.she freaked out but still kept coming back.she sent me a pic of her naked,But we never had s** or anything till she turned 18 then on her birthday i took her virginity,We still text everyday and she tells me all about her s** life now she is 20.and her dad is one of my best friends and i know he tried to have s** with her when she was 12 but he does not know i was her first

Nov 20, 2011

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  • The word "I" is capitalized. you illiterate moron troll.

  • My across the street neighbor's daughter, "Stephanie" was like that. Would come over if locked out or just to talk, and even then, I'd look at her fit body and pretty face and think..Damn, I could so have at you. When she hit college and still lived home, our chats continued, including a drink or two at my home bar.

    Steph stopped over one weekend, we hit my basement bar, and ended up having long-desired s** on my bar couch. Always knew I'd get her, just matter of when. Have to admit, when she was maybe 16, she'd was her or her father's car in the driveway, in a tiny bikini. I'd watch her all the time. But also knew she was too young, at that point, to pursue.

  • It should have said she was 16 she is 20 now. and there is nothing fake about it. we are great friends still and i am only 6 years older than her so do not think i am a perv.Just feel bad that i put the c** on the smokes i never told her and i never will

  • Even if its fake just humor him. why you got to be such a b**** and so quick to judge a confession. if hes a pervert for writing this then your a loser for responding.

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