As time goes by, I have more and more demons following me. My past is still on me like moss on a tree. I am now starting to gather new demons...I am disgusting, worthless and disappointing...I can't be a good person, I lie to ,=myself and to everyone else, and say and act like miss perfect...Perfect wife, Perfect mother....well I am sooooo far from perfect...I hate it. I dont even know who the h*** I am. I dont know who I have ever been. I look in the mirror and don't recognize the person looking back at one gives a s*** anyway...

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  • Break the habit. Tell yourself for just one day that they aren't real, and believe it.

    see what happens. it worked for me.

  • I am like you, only male. Demons from the past, infect my future. I too can not escape them. I have confessed most everything but I can not forgive myself for anything. Yet, I find myself wanting to do the destructive things over and over again.

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