my soulmate.

let me see if i can explain this to you...

i love you...and only beyond excited to marry you in three weeks. you are the perfect guy for me. everything i've ever wanted. i promise on everything. i have never wanted to be with someone as much as i do you. you are litterally everything to me. and im so grateful that you feel the same.

you are not my soulmate.

and thats ok....thats right, its OK. i dont want you to be. i want you to be YOU. just the way you're perfect. i love you.

i hate my soul. and i know my ex boyfriend was my soulmate...i was with him for a long time...and you know what? i hated him for over half that time...please dont ever think that just because your soul and mine arent identical like mine and his were, that you arent the one....

i dont want you to be my soulmate...i hate my soul...
and what i love so much about you, is that you make me want to be better. and always do right. my soul never had that before...

my soul is whats left of a drug addiction, a bad relationship..and years of emotional turmoil and inner demons i was fighting...i basically desided to self destruct from the inside out. but you. you make everything brighter and just so much better. me and my soul are changing for the better. every single day i'm with you. everyday you make me so much better.

i'm so thankful ive found you. and i'm happy. i'm just so happy. i've never wanted anything so much in my life....

i love you....
maybe you are my soulmate.....i'm just not done fully becoming who i am yet...and just dont realize it. =]
but i cant wait to figure it out with you. =]

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  • Oh and that should be your vows!!! Read that at your wedding.

    That guy who you say is your soulmate is not. Thats not what a soulmate does. Your soul is good. Its your guilt and shame talking. Your soul is good and attracted its best friend as soon as it could and brought your future husband to you.

  • That is beautiful... its like a poem.

  • ^I cried when I read this! You are evil to say they make you sick! You are evil!

  • You make me sick.

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