Losing a Friend

I've been dating the ex-husband of my (former) best friend. They just got divorced about a month ago. Their divorce was pretty nasty, with legal quarrels over money, property, and child custody. There is a lot of anger that still exists between them.

When my friend learned that I was dating her ex, she became unglued. She feels like I'm doing her wrong. I reminded her that since they are done as a couple, she shouldn't feel that way. I've always liked her husband, thought he was gorgeous, and I've known him for as long as I've known her (8 years). I flirted with him in the past (nothing major), but never acted on it. Now I'm getting my chance to have him to myself. It's still too early, but I'd like to marry him. I will then be the step mother to my (former) best friend's kids.

My friend refuses to answer my calls or texts. I think our friendship is done, which is too bad. I had a great time doing things with her over the years. I hope she can still be friends with me, but she needs to meet me half way. Her ex loves me, and I love him. He's also a great f*** and we've been going at it like we're 18 again. I haven't felt this alive in years.


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  • True friends don't do this. Obviously, you never were a true friend, so get over yourself and leave your supposed ex friend alone, stop rubbing salt into her wounds!

  • A woman's trash, is another woman's treasure! Enjoy your treasure lol

  • I'm a guy, but I think your friend should get over it. She's left it behind, and you picked it up. Good for you two. Life goes on.

  • If you think he wants to jump right into another huge commitment well youre likely wrong

  • She needs to meet you halfway? You are severely delusional for even still calling her your best friend. You never were friends; one month after their divorce and youre already with her ex? Guarantee she needed you as a friend, and now just feels doubly betrayed by both her ex, and now especially you. Good job. She doesnt need to do sh it except try and forget you two people were ever in her life to begin with.


  • Uh, just a heads up: your friendship is over. You just hooked up with a guy who put a dagger through her heart, and now you gave the handle a twist, and are planning on raising her kids?!? If you think you are still in the sisterhood, guess again. Wow, omg, you are totally trash.

  • Really? You can't understand why she wants nothing to do with you? You can't always have it both ways. She probably feels that you have betrayed her. Now, the friendship could have been salvaged and there's no guarantee. But had this divorce been amicable and she had already moved on, then maybe you two could have maintained your friendship. But it's not. P.S. The kids probably hate you too. Chances are, whatever the reasons why those two divorced you'll likely see the same issues/patterns arise within your relationship. You're clearly a rebound relationship, so he has worked on nothing...so good luck with that.

  • It must be like a real slow day for you. You have nothing better to do than feel you can talk to this scumbag rationally, like they would understand. Look, save it sis ; the scumbag is most likely strung out on 'ludes or something.

  • You are NOT her friend, you are stupid

  • You will live to regret this choice. Mark my words. You'll regret it.

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