Running tights.

So yeah I am runner. I have been running longer time now.
i run in tights and don't wear any shorts to cover my stuff, bulge and ass visible.

When I was starting to run like this I remember i thought it's so embarrassing to have your bulge visible but on the other hand i think having shorts on tights looks lame as h*** and it's not very comfy ( another layer = more heat ).

When I was starting my running adventure I was running at night. But after some time i gained courage. Also I liked the idea of showing off my body, my legs are nicely build ( slim but you see they are practiced/trained ) and I am proud of them.

The first thing was the bulge actually after all this time I must admit most people won't check you out down there unless you are very big or at least erected. Here comes first sad truth of running in tight lycra. Well since it's tight it will block your member from erecting too much. So my 6,5 inch in my running spandex is something close to 4 inches or even less. Still even when it's not that big but erected people will look. but yeah now they are looking at your small d*** and probably thinking what a small one. Learning that was embarrassing and now I avoid any erections while running. hopefully this does not happen often. When you run and don't think about silly things your safe.

Btw when I am not erected it's nearly flat out there. It is also ofc embarrassing but I got used to it. Nearly no one looks, guess there is nothing to look. I was also 2 times mistaken for woman which was rather humiliating experience ( one time by guy he seemed to wanted to smile to me but when saw my face and understood his mistake his face ( he was on bike so he was passing me ) turned to something close to confusion with a bit of anger. ;-)

So after time I got to point i think it's not the bulge that is the most embarrassing thing. It's the spandex that clings your ass and shows off your buttocks fully exposed.I have very nice ass and I have observed on numerous occasion people sticking their eyes on my ass. Did not noticed it at first since well you kind of need to turn around to see this happen but after some point i was very sensitive on this topic. What is more also big representation of man was cough doing that. I had bikers slowing down to nearly bowl some time behind me running. While waiting for elevator a girl simply walk just behind me . She was nearly on my back. Also a fellow runner girl while passing me ( I was fighting her for 20 min running as hard as I could ) after I gave up to let her pass me and slowed down quite much. Did she pass me? Yes after like 5 min running slowly as me camping my back. Also very many other occasions.

Maybe I kind of overthink this but at some point this brought my attention.

But the guys that check your ass. This was always the most embarrassing thing tbh.

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  • So proud to have my running tights confession get in second most trending and 42 comments. ;-)

  • You wouldn't have that bulge if you ran without that tampon.

  • Only tight lycra and my little member. Don't need tampons to get at least small bulge out there.

  • Finally a good fun pointless post that everyone is enjoying the banter

  • Come on with the pointless I just had to tell someone about those situations.... ;p

  • Like it was said... pointless. A dorky-faced emoji doesn't change that, little attention wh0re!

  • Lol respond after so long...

  • Lol still stalking your own pointless post!
    There's no time limit on responding to posts here, as long as it's possible then have fun

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  • I know what you're talking about. I'm a grower, not a shower. I'm a good 9.5 inches hard, but limp I'm lucky if I'm 4 inches. It's like false advertising in reverse. I try to think dirt thoughts when I run so I can at least keep a semi. The ladies I pass always glance down and then smile at me when I'm hard. But I dont even get a glance If I'm limp.

  • Keep dreaming, Michael Ian Black.

  • My 6,5 inch to 9,5 feels like being a pipsqueak but tbh not sure I would want to be so big. maybe 7 inches. Not more.

  • Tbh isn't a word fool.

  • 9.5 inch is huge. ;-)

  • 9.5 is small when your ex has a 12.

  • And most girls couldnt take that either

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  • Just because you have a small d*** doesn't mean every other guy does.

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  • I'm female, and go jogging 3-4 times a week I love checking out the guys and their junk down below. It's so lovely.

  • Thank you. Your choice of adjectives speaks well for you. Although anonymous, frankly I find it rewarding to see a gal express her genuine feelings in a positive way regarding the observance of men's genitalia. Men receive few, if any enlightening comments from gals regarding their body. It would only serve to your advantage as a gender if more of you expressed in such a refreshing manner regarding a man. You're a step above girl.

  • My partner has a beautiful c***. I enjoy stroking it, licking it and sucking it. I love the feel of it in my hand, when it's hard like a sword. I also enjoy fondling his b****, I find it relaxes me and I've noticed it relaxes him, aswell.

    I enjoy the way his b**** rest on the couch, when he's sat down. And the way his overall package looks, in every attire he wears. I love it and I love him. I think it's because I love him, that's the reason why I love his genitals aswell.

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  • No worries I can never take my eyes from running girls in their running tights showing their sexy legs and ass.

  • At least that explains why he keeps falling down.

  • More like poking the top. Still need to set right in my tights.

  • More like you're hopelessly & permanently feminized in your "tights".

  • Normal clothing for running.But yeah at start might feel feminine. After longer time you just get used to it.

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