College is a waste of money

Anyone who tells you college is a must is lying. It's part of a scam. I went to a 4 yr liberal arts college and am still paying off my loans. I make the same money as the people who work with who didn't go to college. I wish I went to a trade school or something. Liberal arts degrees are a waste of money at the bachelors level.

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  • State, federal and local governments start college graduates at over ten thousand dollars more than a mere high school graduate. If you are working for private industry college only counts if it's a business degree. A BS degree may educate you but it doesn't provide a skill it merely shows that you are smart enough to learn one.

  • I wish I never stepped foot in college. I owe close to $200k for one Bachelor's and 2 graduate degrees(will earn 3rd one in December,and will have MHA,MBA,MA,BA). I still do the same thing I did 30 years ago work-wise,I never been able to get a job in any of my areas of study,and therefore, I have never been paid a dime because of any of those degrees.I am just happy I work for government,good benefits,and paid a little better than those outside government. My daughters went to nursing,and earn twice as much as I do. I will never be able to pay my loans off.

  • You are not too bright are you? Book smart maybe, but not real bright.

  • I here u. I am the OP and feel like a complete and total loser working next to a bunch of post menopausal women without degrees and making less than them.

  • "I here u"?? Lol. You have a good reason to feel like a complete and total loser, and it has nothing to do with your coworkers. Bitter little creature :D

  • B**** be ageist too

  • You don't always need a 4 year degree or 2 year degree. As parents we just advise to not make the same mistakes we did like going to school or trying to make something good out of yourself! I wasted thousands of dollars on my oldest daughter who's now works in skilled trades project coordinating making 50hr. Paid for her to go to a full 4 year university she chose to drop out while everything was paid in full!! I'm proud of her you don't always need school just matter of finding a job and staying there working hard and Years from now or sooner you'll get promoted

  • Most people will have you believe you need at least a four year degree to make anything of yourself. They are wrong, society is wrong. All you need is the ability to work and think. There are so many ways to make money in this world, it would be crazy to go in debt for college. All you need to do is look around. There are construction jobs that can't be filled, heavy equipment operators are needed in my area. I can't find people who want to work for $25 /hr. And when I do, they just want to stand around all day and drink coffee and smoke cigarettes. In my opinion there is so much work that needs done that they should cut state aid. And that's in Illinois where employment supposedly sucks.

  • I agree, so is university a waste of money unless your super clever and daddy owns a medical practice or law firm don't bother. you will just have this huge debt you will never pay off. my advice is work and marry young and study later.

  • I only was able to graduate in liberal arts. I hated accounting and economics so much I couldn't stand to take the courses. I started taking and doing well on government tests and I eventually landed a job with the US government. I retired at age 55 and I went to work for the county and got another retirement. You just aren't using your degree properly.

  • You can go back to college and get a business degree.

  • Business degrees is what employers want.

  • It depends what field you are going into.

  • More crap advise from people who think you need a 4 year degree.

  • "Liberal " the fact that you went for that degree yourself is a waste of time and yet money, you weren't aware of job statistics, pay, average income. Mind over matter could've gone for an associates degree instead. I'm 21 went for process Technology making 34 hr working only 4 days making 1600. Made my first 6figures my first year of working

  • What did you think a Liberal arts degree was going to get you? I worked at one, saw all kinds of parents money wasted on theater, art, worthless sports classes in archery and the list is lengthy. But to be fair your the one that made the choices.

  • Yes, they did make the choice after being feed a line a s*** from the schools, parents, and society that life is nothing without a 4 year degree. Then those same people drop the ball and don't help them understand what to look for. Great f****** system we have here. Go to school, don't care for what, just go to school.

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