Granddaughter's ranting

I want to tell my granddaughter to just grow up. She went to college for a year or so and ended up owing some student loans and now is moaning and complaining about having to pay them back. She wants "loan forgiveness". And then she goes on to complain about the older people who had loans and paid them back and are telling her to just pay them back . . . blah blah blah. As far as I am concerned, her college loans are no different than car loans, house loans, etc. You sign the loan document . . . you are responsible to pay the loan back. If you don't want student loans, then either get a job and save until you have enough cash . . . or apply for scholarships and grants that don't need to be paid back. I am so sick of young people complaining about how tough they have it. Most of them don't even know the true meaning of the word "tough". I went to college. I had a scholarship for tuition. I worked a full-time job at the same time to pay for other things like books, clothing, food, rent, etc. I have children who went to college. They took out loans but had to work also . . . they never took out the "extra" money available for living expenses. They either have paid off the loans or are still paying on them. We were unable to help our children . . . we just didn't have the money. And, we certainly can't help our grandchildren. Young people just need to toughen up and grow up. Life isn't filled with music, parties, nice cars, nice clothes, boyfriends/girlfriends, and having a good time.

Sep 8, 2016

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  • Baby boomers: wrecked the housing market. Trillions of dollars of debt. No jobs. Quadrupled the price of tuition. Melted the ice caps. Burned a hole in the ozone. Cut down the forests. Nuked the earth. Sold out as hippies. To me, history will show that baby boomers are the most entitled generation, the most selfish, destructive, and flat-out stupid by willful ignorance. The more I age the more I resent baby boomers.

  • Feel the same about my niece. Not taking things seriously at all, and, per her words "just living life"..She knows nothing about real life, is completely unprepared, and, at 20, is a spoiled, selfish little b****. Spends money like water, and honestly has no concept of saving. Changed her major three times, and transferred colleges once. Not an ounce of responsibility coming from that girl. And now, is a lesbian. Kid is a mess.

  • She does need to grow up and take responsibility.

  • Glad my family doesn't criticize me behind my back. Even more that they would be horrified at the thought of doing so online. I'm not sure how being condescending is going to help her, but a little support goes a long way, you old goat.

  • Tel ur granddaughter to do parttime escort work shel get money and practise

  • I lend my grandaughter money on the condition that she sucks me off and swallows the lot.

  • If she studied in the UK,she would've been better off.The UK's benefit/welfare state,is better than the USA's,without a doubt!!

  • Sometimes we just need someone to listen to our vent.

    I think back to when I was a teen / early 20's. Knew it all! Immature all the way but could not see it.

    Now with the benefit of age when my kids have their b**** about how unfair life is, I don't try to argue with them, I don't try to correct them or give them advice and I sure don't worry about it. I give them a smile and a hug.

  • Oh, if only she'd make the big sacrifices now, you know, work all night, study all night, school all day, i.e., live by your example, it will set her on the path to success! Except... Of the three generations of the family, two so far have been unable to send their children to university. They failed to secure a career that paid them enough for that. Furthermore at least two, which happen to be the most recent, live their lives by the accumulation of debt. To get the education that isn't enough to secure the future of the family. To get the house on a lifelong mortgage. To get the car to keep the merry-go-round in motion. Have you seen your granddaughter's tuition? I haven't, but I have seen the national average, asuming you're in the USA. Average in the USA in-state for just 1 year at a 4 year college is just under $19,000. That's just tuition. That's not tough enough for you gramps? Just get a job, that's all she's gotta do. She's going to sink over $100,000 of someone's money into this "investment" that almost certainly won't even be enough to land her a career anyway, as these days a degree isn't enough anymore. But by then she'll have kids, car, credit cards, aging broke-assed parents and grandparents, bills, house, and an at least 50% chance of a divorce. And she will live through it by your failed example of toughness as she will remember how you perpetuated these misconceptions that this honkin' pile of horse hooey is life, and she has to take it and smile, just like her tough ol' grampy.

  • As a recent college graduate who has crippling debt I whole heartedly agree with your post!

  • I agree with you! :) Your grandchild seems, immature!! Nothing in life is free,there's always a cost to everything,within my opinion.Some people expect things freely and feel entitled.That sounds like your grandchild :)

    She just needs to grow up and take responsibilities for her student loans.She signed a loan agreement and is obligated by law,to pay the loans back.She needs to accept that and realise,these responsibilities are part of adulthood and being a responsible person.

    If she can't accept this responsibility,what would she be like when starting a family,if she persists with this; immature behaviour? Hopefully, she'll be a mature and responsible,adult by then :)

    She's lucky.I had to finance my college and university fees myself.I worked two jobs,whilst living independently,financing my apartment,living essentials and my car.It wasn't easy,but I did it.
    I've also been supporting myself,since I was sixteen years old.Not of my choosing.So I had to be mature,before my time :)

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