It's what I believe

S** is love. And hard s** is true love.

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  • I agree

  • I agree with the OP; they harder you f*** somebody, the more you show your love for them.

  • When a man is ragdolling you (if he's doing it right), there is no way you can possibly think anything other than that he loves you more than anything in the world. So yes, hard s** really IS true love.

  • Lol!!!!!!!!!!

  • Also......when a girl is on top giving you a hard grindjob you know shes in love.

  • Lol!!!!!!!¡

  • A roadjob is another indicator of love.

  • Loooolllooool

  • My favorite sign is cheating. When a man cheats on his wife with you that shows he loves you.

  • ^This^ is totally true. When you've got another woman's husband between your legs, you know he loves you. You just f****** KNOW that.

  • Totally, completely, unquestionably true!

  • I love to cheat on my husband. And I usually cheat with men who are cheating on their wives. It's delicious.

  • Same here. I agree.

  • Adultery is the truest form of love

  • Yes.....and it's the most delicious as well.

  • Lolllll

  • What is wrong with you people? This appears to have been an innocent, well-intentioned observation, and all of you just lost your s***.

  • Why so serious??? trolls!

  •, beautiful, sensual, loving, wonderful.....

  • This is the greatest truth ever posted on this site.

  • You sound like a s*** lay youre pathetic

  • You're

  • Thank you soo much for enlightening me

  • Oh really? ohhh man i didnt know ohhh damn you soo smart u soooooooo smart

  • Didn't

  • You sound like a crappy lay lol

  • S** is portrayed differently, by each individual on earth. S** is sometimes expressed for the sake of scratching an itch, it's sometimes expressed by love, sometimes used as a weapon to exploit individuals and used as a punishment for sick f****.

    So it depends dear op.

  • Right. It's always about love.

  • Wrong, s** isn't always used to express one's love for another. Don't be so naive.

  • That's totally true: it's always used for expressing love.

  • Wrong, s** isn't always expressed with love.

  • No, s** is ALWAYS love.

  • Wrong, as always :)

  • I feel the same. I have thought that ever since I was young.

  • Same for me. S** is the ultimate expression. And the harder you hit it the more you love.

  • Wrong, s** isn't always used as an expression of love.

  • Agreed. Totally agreed.

  • Crap

  • Yeah, I know what you are pushing, what your agenda is.

  • I do too and it's garbage :)

  • No agenda. Just truth.

  • Garbage

  • True and I understand, but why do you still sound so vulgar?

  • No vulgarity is conveyed. Your perception of what "vulgarity actually means, is warped!"

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