Sad to say it, but it's true:

President Trump is a pissy little b****. And that's embarrassing.

Aug 14, 2017

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  • Make America great,s**** all the evil libtards

  • Everyday now for the last 11 months these liberals have cried like little b**** ass girls because their queen lost the election. Funnest s*** ever, I laugh my ass off everday.

  • Shame on all of you for criticizing our President. He's a good man, and he's doing a good job.

  • Watch jane doe

  • Wrong. He's a serious P.O.S.

  • And he's a c*********.

  • He's a pissy b**** and he's an arrogant a******. Every time he talks or tweets, he's embarrassing every single person who calls himself or herself an American. It's awful.

  • Yes, it's embarrassing to be an American with this clownshoe m*********** in the Oval Office. Everything he says, every word he tweets, makes us all look like him.

  • Than leave. We don't want your p**** was here anyway.

  • No one wants you ugly loser

  • "We"? You're funny.

  • Hillary sucked my c*** last night. B**** took all 10 inches of my hard black c*** all the way to my b****. Then I filled the b**** up with my c**. White ass b**** coming back tonight so I can f*** her in the ass!!! I like queen Hillary's white cracker ass!!!

  • How you feel about texas getting f*****? florida is next lol. you dumb dumbs are gona eat your fake news now.

  • ..cant imagine what you're laughing at, unless it's yourself.....

  • Im laughing at ignorant f**** like you....

  •'re so precious when you play like you're a grownup.....

  • Is it fun looking after kids you dont want?

  • Is that the best you could do?

  • I take it not very then lol your life is worth nothing you weak little b****....

  • #bitchass #punkass

  • Yeah, her bitchass was hanging off my d***

  • Little stumpy you cant f*** anything go home

  • It's always about him. It's only about him. How can anyone not see it?

  • Why we all got a be so stupid. They are all f****** corrupt. Both f****** sides. Everyone in politics. How the h*** do you think they got where they are. We're all out here fighting each other, meanwhile they're all in Washington living the high life and getting rich off us. Why are we fighting each other? Let's join forces and dethrone all them f****** in politics.

  • I vote "YES".

  • Heck yeah, to h*** with all of them.

  • I'm in. ALL in.

  • I want them all out. All gone. All over.

  • Putin's pulling his strings. We'll all soon be a territory of Russia.

  • Do you enjoy saying stupid s***? Because if so, bwahaha. That's funny.

  • You're only kidding yourself if you think it isn't true. See how much laughing you'll do when it actually happens. Trump isn't running the country......Putin is.

  • So what do you think of President Trump now Ahole

  • Crazy!!!!!

  • Oh sorry, I mean. Batshit Crazy!!!!!!

  • He's a really weak leader and he won't last.....

  • Kinda like your weak s** life, Nonexistent!

  • I wish he would go away and let Pence do all the work.

  • I wish you would go away and stop crying. Your momma has to take you off the t** at some point.

  • He's such a little girl. Embarrassing.

  • That's demeaning to little girls. ALL of whom are better than our Clown President.

  • Hey, I f*** like clowns you racist asshate.

  • The only racist asshat involved is the Clown President. He's a mega racist. An uber racist. A grande racist. An ultra racist. RACIST!

  • And you know he's racist how? I mean for mega, uber, Grande, ultra, and all caps, you should at least post some facts along with it. Otherwise it is only your opinion, and that is not worth s***.

  • There's nothing "little" about the b**** this guy is.

  • And in addition, he's an arrogant a******.

  • OMG, yes, he is totally arrogant. I hate him. And his "hair".

  • And his miserable face. He suffers from a bad case of #restingbitchface.

  • His face needs a beating. Rest of him too.

  • I'd settle for just not having to look at him or hear him talk anymore.

  • I was thinking the same thing about Hillary, if we could just get her to shut that stupid f****** mouth.

  • Calm down cupcake

  • What everyone is forgetting is that everyone has the right to like or dislike whomever and whatever they choose. That is why this is America, the left can dislike the right, whites can hate blacks, Canadians can hate Mexicans, or you can choose to like everyone, it's totally up to you. That is the beauty of this country, you can like or dislike whatever in the h*** you want and the sun is still going to come up tomorrow morning. So chill out, grab a cold one and let's go watch the game. I hear it's going to be a good one 😁

  • When dealt lemons, I've always enjoyed making lemonade. That's kept me from sitting around around wasting my time by complaining. Always be productive and prepare for your bright future.

  • Your a rasict!

  • Didn't you know that even everyone is racist now days

  • Including animals and objects

  • Oh no wait you are the same person dumbshit

  • Just using sarcasm to show a typical liberalia take on my comment. Doesn't matter what is said or done, if you're voting against them for any reason whatsoever, that makes you a racist.

  • The alt-right consists of people who love regurgitating their master's use of the declaration "fake news" but who wouldn't recognize reality if it bit them on the foreskin. And that's only the women.

  • Yeah, the left wants to destroy the country by letting in all the a******* in the world who hate us. Only the left is too f****** stupid to see it, because they are too busy calling everyone on the right racist.

  • We made a mistake, a YOUGE mistake, electing this clown as President. We need to admit our mistake, correct it, and move on. Seven months is enough penance. Let's go.

  • I was wrong. Ever since the election, I've thought that Trump would be gone before the end of his first year in office. Sadly, now I believe that the country won't last that long. This is all about to explode. All of it. All of us. It's over. Good night.

  • Sadly I used to think that this Country wouldn't last too. That's when I was very young and dumb. I wasted a few good years on that same reasoning. now that I'm older, I've realized that the Country will always last and to not let opportunity pass me by because of some imaginary thought process. Always, always continue the grind to better yourself so your future will be brighter.

  • Thank the left, they are the ones who have gone batshit crazy.

  • We can thank racist idiots who take in a couple media sources and say the rest is fake news just because they dont endorse trump. i wonder how many ppl working for nasa buy into this dramatic nonsense.

  • How crazy is it to elect a racist,narcissistic,billionaire,celeb who knows f****** d*** about politics and lies constantly.

  • How crazy is it to elect a racist, diabolical, millionaire, politician who knows exactly how to steal our money and lies constantly, Hillary?

  • If only we could go back to the time when this was a theoretical question to which we didn't have an answer.

  • Racist? Explain in detail? Has he said or done anything that is racist? Or are you just repeating the same bullshit you hear.

  • (1) Claimed the judge in his Trump University case was biased "because he's a Mexican".

    (2) Told a gathering of Jewish supporters that he re-trades his deals all the time, even after they've been signed, "like you people do".

    (3) Repeatedly fails/refuses to disavow KKK actions, and white supremacist groups who campaigned for him.

    (4) Retaliated against Muslim parents of US Army solder who died in Iraq (both father and mother).

    (5) Dept. of Justice has sued his companies for refusing to rent housing to African-Americans.

    (6) Treats members of all minority groups as singular and interchangeable ("the" blacks, "the" hispanics, "the" asians, etc.).

    (7) Condoned (or encouraged?) beating a BLM protester at a campaign rally, and later called supporters who beat a homeless Hispanic man "passionate".

    (8) Frequently refers to African-American supporters as if owned by him ("my African-American over here").

    That should do for a start, unless of course you're "just repeating the same bullshit you hear".

  • You list these 8 things like they're a bad thing. Why do you have a problem with any of these? I guess if you're black, I understand. I might be against Trump if it weren't for survival. Survival is an instinct that's built us to be tops on the food chain. It's really the only thing that's defines all life. I mention this only because that's why Trump got elected. The people that voted him in were trying to survive. I always pull for myself when trying to survive. After myself, I pull for my family. Then relatives, friends, neighbors and like minded people rounding it all out. To get broader, Americans would be next and then any foreigners who are nice or perhaps have beliefs similar to mine. Taking this all into account, I certainly cannot pull or root for people that would cause harm to me or my people. I'm not going to vote in anyone that would want to kill me or my people. And again, this is how Trump got elected by us. We know ISIS would want to kill us from proof of their history. Behind them, criminals would want to harm us. The fact of prison populations overflowing with black people is enough to convince me of their behavior. In a short 60 years or so, every major city in the united States has become a ghetto. Every single major city. What is the racial makeup of those areas? I can't live there because the crime rate is so high. I have to live in cities that only white people live in. The fact that the white area cities are the most expensive areas can't be debated. Google home prices in the top 100 markets. Not one of those have a large population of blacks. And in fact, cities that are predominantly black would be ALL of the lowest priced areas in the United States. Have you ever heard someone say "what this nice neighborhood needs is a lot more black families to move in"? Of course not. So if I'm called a racist based on utilizing my survival instinct, should I care? I also don't blame the libs for wanting what I have. It's survival.

  • You DEFINITELY seem above average in intelligence, AND your post has given
    me some things to ponder. But the reason our prisons are "overflowing" with
    black people is because the (largely) racist police force in AmeriKa does whatever in their power can be done to harass, charge, then imprison black males. Single black mothers are then forced to raise a family with only one income, AND there is a lesser chance of strong male role models for their sons, which can then increase the chances that they'll grow up to commit a crime.
    IT'S BEEN PROVEN that if a black 1st time offender and a white 1st time offender are charged with the same crime that the black person is more likely to receive a prison sentence as opposed to probation, AND their terms on average will be longer than a white persons'. This is one of the reasons our prisons are overflowing with black people. PLEASE watch the documentary "The house I live in." It makes the case that AmeriKa's war on drugs is a pretext to pull over, search, charge, then imprison the black race.

  • Most of them don't make him racist (because obviously you don't know what the definition of racist is) and the others are bullshit that never happened #fakenews
    Would you like to blow some more smoke out your ass? Or maybe you should educate yourself on the definition of racism first.

  • You need to understand that a denial is not a defense.

  • The definition of racism cannot be changed so the left has an argument to throw around. It's not denial, it's a fact.

  • Each of these is the very definition of racist. You're the one that is uninformed.

  • You say that like it's a bad thing.

  • Let me help you understand the definition. A racist person is someone who is prejudiced (doesn't like) someone because of their race.
    You are NOT racist if you refer to, point out, or place emphasis on someone's race. You are also NOT racist for calling someone out for being racist toward you.
    I hope this helps you understand how Trump is NOT racist now, but I doubt you will understand.

  • You could not possibly be more deluded.

  • And by the way, ALL of these things DID happen, and are verified.

  • Sources?

  • You are a sad little creature.

  • This sad creature f***** your momma

  • Provide sources.

  • I got a picture of yo momma c** on my d***. Will that work?

  • Sure, why not.

  • Republicans leading us into a new age of science, empathy, and peace.

    republicans leading us into a new age of conflict, ignorance, and religion.

    which one looks more accurate?

  • Looks can be deceiving when you have a liberal owned media that likes to write bullshit fakenews.

  • How convenient

  • They don't need to write, produce, broadcast or publish "fake" news: our beloved (not!) President is doing their jobs for them. All they have to do is report what he does and says, and he will dig his own hole for them. He's an arrogant sucker of c****. SUCKER OF C****!!!!!!!!

  • Are you homophobic? Why would you be so racist as to rip on the gays? Is sucking a c*** bad in your world? Whatever happened to the party of peace and understanding?

  • Yeah, thats the problem. It would be all well and good if they reported all the good he's doing, but they don't. They want to report twisted bullshit, just like when he condemned all sides for the violence in Virgina. He was spot on with his remark, but the f****** left is so stupid that can't understand that both sides were there causing problems and fighting, so yes both sides are to blame. And if you can't understand that, you're dumber than f****** dog s***.

  • WAKE........THE........F***........UP........

  • GROW.......A.......F******......BRAIN

  • Already done. Now you.......

  • Your pea size brain doesn't count.

  • Donald sucks d****.

  • "Embarrassment"? Yep. #notfakenews

  • You want to talk about an embarrassment? Try looking at the Democrats. Can they cry any louder, or b**** about any thing other than the right? And can they be anymore obvious that they are trying to buy votes by calling the GOP racist in the wake of Virginia? The Democrats are the f****** embarrassment because it's obvious they don't give a f*** about this country.

  • The fact that the Democrats are (or aren't, whatever) an embarrassment, doesn't mean that Trump is any less of one, and HE is the one putting on his little s*** show. He needs to go. TODAY. He's destroying the country, and Making America Gag Again.

  • Both of these clowns are b******. B**** clowns.

  • Unimportant

  • Trump really is an embarrassment. Everything he does and says reflects badly on all of us.

  • Trump campaigned for President like a man who didn't want to be President. And now, he's governing like a man who doesn't want to be President. He will soon get his wish, via the Congress. He GONE!

  • Did you even think about that comment before you wrote it? or are you just a troll? For real, why would anyone campaign to be president if they did not want the job. furthermore, why would anyone do a job if they did not want to? Think next time before you write something stupid, unless you are a troll, and then in that case I get your dumb comment.

  • If you're really that naïve, then please go back to your coloring books and let the adults talk.

  • Yeah, do you have one I can use? Maybe the CNN coloring book where you get all your @fakenews

  • Miserable dickwheat asshat.

  • Sandwich artist^ lol

  • After Tuesday's tantrums, Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly will leave the White House by the end of this week. He's a good man -- and a sane one -- and won't put up with Donald's madness. Then, by the end of the year, Donald will also be out of the White House: he'll resign rather than be impeached ("for the good of the country", of course).

  • What drugs are you on?

  • How much closer are we to nuclear war after trump mouthing off? braindead moron......

  • How much closer are we to nuclear war after your muslim savior let North Korea develop their nuclear program during his 8 year term? Why don't you ask Iran the same question? 8 years in office and did absolutely NOTHING to help the blacks rise up against racism. Our Country divided during that same term. Coincides with the opioid epidemic also.

  • About a close as we were with JFK, and Johnson, and Reagan, and Clinton. Think before you say stupid s***. Or did you forget that it is North Korea that wants to bomb the US. Oh that's right, everything is Trumps fault even if it has nothing to do with him. World hunger, Trump. Climate change, Trump. It's raining out today, Trump. Grow the f*** up people and stop acting like dumb a****.

  • Putins plan worked perfect. usa is screwed. trump ruined the credibility of the political system even worse than it already was. if liberals were in love with guns like the rednecks there would be full out civil war now.

  • Its about his stance on these issues that p*** people off. threatening fire and fury isnt diffusing anything. jfk had a few more iq points than this idiot. your heads not far enough in your ass im sure you can get it up in there a few more inches.

  • Yes, I'm sure you do believe evil and conflict can be resolved with love. Let me know how that works out for you when you're speaking a different language because you have been taken over by some dictator.

  • Are you f****** kidding me? look up radiation poisoning its what you and your kids will get after you drop a bomb on korea. f*** your country. you wana commit suicide leave the rest of the world out of it you f****** waste of life.

  • People complained about Obama for no solution to the situation the country is facing. He simply did the best he possibly could... then you Trump tearing down our reputation to the ground.

  • Cry me a f****** river. Obama only gave a f*** about the blacks, illegal immigrants, and other countries. Maybe if him and his b**** of a wife gave a f*** about everyone in America than maybe he would have been a better president.

  • F*** off, you dope peddling KKK m***********.

  • That's funny. I see you are a typical dumb ass by assuming that I'm a dope peddling KKK.

  • least your willing to admit your a m***********....thats progress....

  • Take some reading classes or look up the word "assuming". Maybe you would then understand the comment and realize how stupid you comment is.

  • All I see is what how retarded you are. BYE!

  • Well you would have to be inteligent to see more, and you are not. So yes, I can totally believe that is all you see.

  • Mabye its all the racist comments you f****** waste of life go end it

  • Yeah, everyone is racist that you don't agree with. So sick of hearing the racist card.

  • When a previous comment has "hes just a n***** in it".

  • What the f***! You think you can just use the "N" word because you put it in quotations? You f****** racist Neo N*** m***********. You White Supremacist f****** cracker!

  • Wow, not only do you assume a lot a s***, you also can't read either. Not sure where your quotation came from, but it sure wasn't me. Like I said, when you all disagree, you throw the racism card put there. Funny thing is, I'm not sure any of you even know what the definition of racism is.

  • Go where a trump hat in public and see if someone spits in your face

  • Oh and two comments down has the word n***** spelt as niger f****** idiot

  • Lol go f****** make out with david duke you stupid t***. everyone knows what racism is at this point.......

  • You are f****** dumb. That is a different person. Stop assuming s*** you f****** stupid d***.

  • F*** yourself they might as well be the same person supporting trump. go choke on your food you fat f***.

  • Again with the assuming s***, I am not fat. Also, you comment like a far left person. So for someone from a group that always b****** about people stereotyping, you sure did just stereotype me. But then again the left is good at being hypocrites. And don't even get me started on how the left talks about how violent the right is. You have said nothing but hate and violence in all of your post. Can you say hypocrite?

  • Oh no wait you ppl think all news is fake accept info wars or some s***

  • You are f****** ignorant garbage and yes i do have much hate for your type. ever read any news lately? speaking of violence who ran down a bunch of ppl cause they thought jews and blacks were taking over. you weak piece if s*** you think youd have any healthcare at all without liberal ppl? you think trump gives one s*** about ppl in your broke ass tax bracket your mistaken. again its the stance he takes on s***. if youre defending nazis ppl are going to hate you get the f*** over it. too far left is crazy too far right is also crazy.

  • Again with stereotyping. Did your momma drop you on your head? You don't read so well do you? Here, I'll try to spell it out for you. I neither agree nor disagree with everything the right or left says. I believe in being fair and equal people. I also believe that everyone has their own point of views, and that some of those same people don't look at things from the other sides view. I think that if you are hateful or just mean, you are either misinformed, misguided, or just ignorant of the subject. I also believe there are just asshols in the world as well. I believe that the media is owned by the politicians (actually that one is fact), and I believe that most politicians are dirty. I also believe that most politicians are what is wrong with this country and why the right is fighting with the left / left fighting with the right. I also believe that neither Obama nor Trump were and are good for this country, but they both were and are our President. A job that neither you nor I have had the pleasure of doing, and until we do their job, we have no idea what it's like trying to make everyone in the world happy. I also don't give a crap if you are white, black, brown, red, or f****** purple, if you are a nice person, than I like you. If not, well than I neither have the time nor the energy to give a f*** about you.

    Now maybe you can stop assuming and stereotyping.

  • *have

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