i want more!

i want more than just s** from you now! i know i said that i wouldnt ever date you when we 1st started sleeping togeather but that was over 2 yrs ago, i dont date anyone else cause im sleeping with you! but no one understands y im still single as they dont now about you!

just wish it all come out the closet its been going on way to soon! im seeing you tonight i wish you just say the same to me!



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  • F*** that! Some people are for taking home to meet mom and dad and other people are for f******. Only.
    Guess where you fit??

  • ^ Hugs? How about a reality slap?!?
    The OP set the rules right from the start, now they want to change them in the middle of the game.
    Too late. You made your bed, lie in it.

  • *hug* I hope it went well, I do really understand what you are going through.

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