should I ?

sometimes I dont like my kids....they are abusive and selfish.
i am soo sad to say it but sometimes I dream of leaving and never coming back. they dont need me anyway.
they make me cry, they call me all kinds of names and nobody knows whats going on. i wish I was dead.........maybe I will do it when they are out the house. and take the pills I have been saving for months. they dont want me.

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  • they are all over 16. and i have gone for help. i have done the childrens services and parenting classes , nothing worked. they lie and make me look bad. i am not trying to BE the friend..
    they were good kids till i moved to my neighborhood .to the first comment:
    thank you for your advice...but it does not help at all. you telling me something i allready know.
    to the second comment:
    maybe i will maybe i wont.
    third comment:
    god bless you . you didnt do what every body else do, blame the parent. ppl dont understand that you can be a loving and do all the right things and still be ib my situation. i thank you. i have no one to talk with ( i have no family just my kids)
    so you and the forth commentor made me feel ...well good.
    thank you again.

  • what is the matter with you guys? Can't you see that shes hurting? I'm so sorry about your kids don't listen to these two jerks. Maybe if you get some counseling then it will help, how old are they? If they are over 18 I would kick them out and live life without them. I hope you feel better! Don't take any pills, get some help!

  • YOU are the parent. Your children's attitude reflects your leadership- take a class and get some parenting skills if you need to but I'll tell you now: the rest of the world is sick to death of putting up with ill mannered children. STOP worrying about how making them behave makes YOU feel and realize YOU'RE NOT THEIR FRIEND- YOU'RE THEIR PARENT- THE ONLY ONE THEY HAVE.

    So buck up, do the right thing and get TOUGH ON THEIR A****. They are depending on you and in thirty years they'll be f****** GLAD you did.

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