Amazing moms wanted?

Most moms know they are just junk and a bother to everyone.

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  • Most moms know you molest sheep.

  • I love being a mom. I'm 28 and have four kids so far, and would like a couple more. I can tell my husband gets a little burned out by being a parent sometimes, but I love it. I do my best to treat him well, so he can keep delivering that lovely ball cream. Being a mom is the best.

  • I want to adopt a little girl and make a complete spoilt bitchy little bratty mongrel thing of her just to revenge everyone. sometimes I just wish someone would drop off a homeless little girl for me to spoil senselessly.

  • I can knock you up so you can have one. Are you into black men?

  • Only if she has mental health issues and wants HIV.

  • Are you on state aid?

  • Don't kid yourselves: a black man cannot only give her a wonderful child, he can keep her satisfied for the rest of her life.

  • I had a manipulative mom that lied most times her lips moved. She lied to her Dr's about her health symptoms and it ended up killing her. She left me with her huge mess to deal with and clean up. I did not go to her funeral or shed a tear.

    My kids birth mother was equally worthless. My kids step mom (my wife) stepped in and help raise my sons. She is one of the most impressive people I have ever known and with no doubt a world class mom. Go figure.

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  • I for one am sick of hearing how great mothers are and their s***** p*** kids and their indulgences and spoils when others are left out and hurting but as if your type would care!

  • Most of us have not had a chance to be a mom to know how great is unlike you obviously... maybe we are so angry by the way our moms and dads abused us and how we don't have kids we want you to get the message loud and clear that you are not so great and just wait til your kid is old enough, because I have not met one kid yet who thinks their parents aren't complete b***** idiots and abused them and think their mom is a stupid old b**** boiler and some moms abuse something shocking as much as dads. and most women today have not had a chance to be a mother to know how it feels. only a select few are getting to be mothers. maybe that explains the hurt and anger and if you don't like it maybe you should start researching the topic as to why so many women can't find husbands and can't have babies because men won't love them or give them s** even. and why men are such b****** now? people blame plastic bottles and hormones and less guys and work but no one has real friends anymore. all the hot girls hang out only with other hot girls and not guys anymore just like hot guys only mix with hot guys. men and women are not mixing anymore to make babies. have you ever wondered why some people are so good at producing f*** after f*** s*** kids and others can't get a f*** and never get a kid or always unnoticed? no I bet you never considered all that so long as your so glorified and idiolized and envied for what a good f*** sport you are and killer to get s**. but one day it will all fall down around you and your kids will still hate you all the same. cuz that is what kids do.

  • Actually you are right about this, I noticed a lot of post teen girls well into their 20s going to night clubs with their moms and daughter and mom go to cafes, lunches, nights out to concerts and the men don't want to be involved or take part at all. these girls are with their mom and mom is acting like a teenager and the women can't seem to meet young men because they don't want to meet up. they don't want to hang out. no one has parties at their house anymore and most parties are highly strung controlled environments in church garages with about 3 true friends and the rest just people they know at the hair dressers or its like a hens w**** house party where anything goes. people are afraid to speak to one another and everyone seems to know their place in the world so much and minding their own business so much they can't socialise. people don't date or fuuck the way they used to 30 years ago.

  • What is wrong with all of you people? You could not POSSIBLY be more wrong!

  • "More" wrong? You can't be "more" wrong. You are either right or wrong. There is no variable to being wrong.

  • OMG, Richard, you are just so much more smarter than all the rest of us combined. Thanks for sharing your brilliance and your clear thinking, Richard. And for making sure that none of us are ever allowed to engage in hyperbole or literary devices. Yes, Richard, you are our grammatical hero!

  • What is wrong with all us people? good question. and also what is right about us should be asked. cuz i am sick of waiting and being told I am s*** in jobs and relationships and everywhere is such a controlled social environment. only the blacks mix with blacks unless your asian and a liar. only doctors mix with doctors. everyone drops out of university unless they are rich. yeh, what is wrong with us, we are real your not. your the 1% that has made it to top with baby and hubby in toe and the rest of us can't get ahead cuz you lot always push in and steal our needs from us. yeh. what is right about us, we are honest, good people who get ignored and your just making this hype over a basic body function like s*******. as if your some expert genius for birthing out someone elses trouble in years to come.

  • WTF are even talking about? This has nothing to do with motherhood: using the word doesn't make it relevant!

  • If humans are so intelligent why then does this babies need a mother for so long when kittens only need them for like 4 to 6 weeks or so ? I mean are they lazy dumb bum humans or what? hisss!!!

  • There are better accomplishments in life then farting out a blood smelly ET alien from your guttering vaghole right. am I right or am I right?

  • Na zifem nasty bit chin mommas are the worst - see she looks for a fight everywhere she goes just cuz she is a momma baby drama performer she has to force her values on others with all this pedo perve drama and its just gonna turn on the moms and dob them in for their bad. their bad. their bad. momma's and daddas are just bad haded. had had haded nothing amazing about being momma you have to s*** it out of your gut worse then a cancer tumor growing in your that will spew out satanic hate later on you as a pre-tweeny.

  • You people are a huge sack of s***. All of you. Moms are the best! Moms are amazing! Moms are wonderful! You? You're NONE of those things!

  • Shut up you paedophile pervert stop talking n*** phobia mind set on people

  • Quit molesting sheep! It has rotted your brain.

  • A baby is an out of date fashion accessory. black or white or any colour. its amazing any mom would be wanted by its baby after the first month of life anyway?

  • Yeh, why did i have this puking pooping kid? three weeks after birth and hate the kid. oh well, there is always baby bins, and I still prefer my vibrator and ipod.

  • Amazing moms you will never be appreciated one bit ever. your kids will never appreciate you ever, you will never win your kids approval parents.

  • Momma dogs!!!!! young momma dogs everywhere vomit face stink fake ass unloving attention seekers.

  • My mom said being a mother is so over-rated and all these squelling pig b****** giving birth is about their only mental capacity and no other achievement in life are a burden to the world. I wouldn't know because I was not allowed to be a mother. so F ck off all you dirty young sick mothers. you need to get Munchhausen by proxy syndrome and blonde drunk momma junky b itch fooukkk around disorder all you young mothers to get your kids ahead in life. dumb ass c u n t hole women.

  • Moms go f - u - c- k yourself cuz moms are child molesters like dads are child molesters too. parents are just junk in the way of getting your inheritance and we want it now before you even die assh@les. give us everything you got we never got!

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