Masturbating with an older woman

I met this woman online, we talked about freely wanting to w*** off with others watching. She is 61, I'm 28, We find that really hot! So we met up in a hotel one evening. She is about 5'5, busty, a little chubby but not too big, curvy butt, brunette with a decent face for her age.

As soon as got in the room, I stripped off fully. It was a fantastic feeling, stood there naked, not a f*** given, my d*** hard (about average in length I think) with a mature woman fully clothed inspecting me. She watched me w*** and over the next 10 mins stripped naked too. Now we were both masturbating until we came. I shot all over myself and she loved it.

We have since repeated this a few times, I know visit her at her house when her husband is out. The last couple of times we have started touching each other, I think I lasted about a minute when she started stroking me. We even kissed a little as played with each other. Now I just want to full on f*** her, I want to f*** this sexy woman who is 33 years older than me. Im hoping next time will be the chance!

Oct 17, 2017

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  • So tonight we did it differently, she lay on the bed legs spread rubbing herself off, while I knelt between her legs and tugged away. She told me c** all over her while sucked her toes, so I did, spreading from her p**** hair to her neck, and then I licked it all off her, as I got back. Down to her p****, I didn't stop, until I was eating her p**** and she came on my face. We then ended up kissing and touching each other all over and then she started stroking my a******, until her finger was inside me rubbing my prostate. It fel great, then she stopped and said next time.!

  • I had a similar experience with a lady near 60 when I was 25 - just pure sexual filth, we explored everything, by the end her fav was having me up her a***, f****** herself with a d**** and sucking another fake c*** whilst I verbalised my fantasises until both came

  • Sounds hot! Something about a woman who is past her prime but still hot, a little saggy in places, a little hairier below, etc. I find the age difference a turn on too.

  • Well things are moving on nicely. Met up every evening so far, wanking off in front of each other. I've begging her to assist me, so we came to a deal, she'll help me if I swallow a bit of my c** each time. Why the h*** not! As I'm siting there naked in front of her naked in front of me, she rubs her foot all over my d***. My god this felt amazing. I've never had feet play before but have w***** off to foot job p***. This was the real deal, she has nice feet let alone for her age, she rubbed her feet up and down my d*** and around the tip. Then up and down until I was about to come and my load pulsed out of my c*** onto her feet. She didn't say anything but moved her foot towards my face. My d*** still throbbing I sucker her cummy toes and licked her feet like any good old p*** video. Afterwards I told her, if we f*** again, I'll eat my c** out of her. She smirked and said maybe! She has since messaged me a pic of her feet and told me to have a w***! I know she's c.30 years older than me, but I wish I could be with her properly.

  • Update: she called me yesterday to meet up in our usual hotel. As we got into the room, we didn't talk about last time, she just said get naked and get hard. So I did, I'm sat on the bed, stroking my d*** wondering what'll happen next. She tells me to stop, she comes over takes my hands behind my back and ties them together. Kinky I think. Then she tells me we were never meant to f***, so now I'll be punished. She then strips naked and sits between my legs and starts to m********* right up close to me. My d*** standing to attention, with the only trounce being a slight graze of her foot as she moves about. She then moves closer so her p**** is just inches from my d***. She c*** several times with me struggling to contain myself. Then she gets up, and tells me she'll w*** me for 10 seconds as that's all I lasted with her b******. 3 or 4strokes up and down on my d*** and I'm jizzing everywhere, all over the bed, my legs, my stomach. She laughs and disappears to get ready to leave. I'm still lying there hands tied, in a cummy mess, she unites me and said she'll let me know when to come back and left. I want her eve more now.

  • So she invited me over to stay the night as her husband was away for another golf tour. I went in with flowers which she loved and she said dinner is in the oven, so let's have a quick session. So we went upstairs and and we got naked, I was about to make a move when she got on her knees and started sucking me off. I for some reason, acted like a total virgin and burst out with my load in about 10 seconds. She noticed how embarrassed I was and tried to assure me it was fine, she was pleased she had such an effect on me. We had dinner after this helped wash up. She then suggested round 2, I was still a bit embarrassed but she told me not to be, so I went for it. I grabbed her, kissed her and held her tight. She was a little shocked. We went upstairs, I stripped her naked and then myself, lay her back on the bed, spread her legs and ate her p****. She was obviously a Lille saggy in places, very wet but I was turned knowing I was eating out a 60+ p****. Then I climbed on top and we enjoyed a hot f*** where I took all control. I figured because of her age, condoms were useless so I blew my load in her. It was pretty f****** awesome. Afterwards she said she had never wanted it to get to s** but it'd been a few years since she last had s** that she got caught up in the moment. Not sure if we'll meet again now, maybe if we do it'll be back to just wanking. If not, at least I got to f*** her.

  • Its really nice watching a woman w***. sexy as h***

  • It certainly is, especially when she is older and married.

  • Ah yeah, I'd be totally into that as well.

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