What should I do??

This morning I went through my partners phone bill after suspecting he is having a relationship with another girl. In the past month he has spoken to her as much as me and has slept with this girl while we were not together. He has cheated on me in the past and we were not together for 6 months as a result. He begged to get me back and here we are 3 months into our second relationship. The question i put to everyone is would you wait until you can catch them in the act or confess that I have been going through phone bill and confront him now?? If I do tell him I lose my only way of knowing what is going on behind my back.


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  • 1.5 million people of the opposite s** on the planet and you have to fixate on one that doesn't give a d*** about you?


  • Well.. he was honest about one thing at least. He may also be sick with himself and his actions so it looks like he's hiding something.

  • Well the girl he is talking to is actually one of the girls he had a threesome with when we were going through a rocky time and were trying to sort stuff out. As stated above he then slept with her agin when we weren't together. I know all this cos he told me when we got back together.

  • How did you find out they've slept? I wonder if the girl knows he's with you now. You know what i did to my bf? When i was with my bf i called the girl's number then hung up. Then when she called back i picked up and handed the phone to him. I wanted to know how he talk to her if i'm there.

    I dont know if it would work in your case? if he doesnt pick it up, ask why and if he's hiding things from you. you can make him call her and talk to her while you there, if he refuses then there's nothing else to discuss.

    I hate guyss.. sometimes i rather not knowing anything. Cuz my bf is still the same, still loves and cares for me. but once in a while he would have a friend that he talks to for hours.. It makes me really mad and i keep wonder if there's anything between them. My bf is too friendly and he is a socialize person, plus he works in the customer service industry which gives him chances to meet ppl. What sucks the most is I cannot confront him since i have no evidence if he's cheating or just talk to them as friends. I have to keep it all inside and it makes me so grouchy and bitchy to him sometimes...

  • The girl lives in Ararat which is about an hour from where I live. He has changed as he used to smoke a lot of dope but now he doesn't and our relationship is going well apart from him hiding stuff from me. I just think if you can't have trust then there is no point in being in a relationship. I don't know yet, will maybe a take a break from him and see how I feel in a couple of weeks about it all.

  • I know exactly how you feel. Dont confront him yet, guys will lie lie and lie there way out. Do you know where this girl lives according to the phone bill? Has he changed at all? how? Just randomly pick a night, look into his eyes and ask if he is hiding anything from him. If needed, make him swear and tell him that if you find out it's over. If he continue to lie then we'll figure out something else.

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