it annoys me how some people think i'm gorgeous, yet others think i'm hideous. i want everyone to think i'm gorgeous. i want the perfect body, perfectly straight teeth, and a smaller nose. one days i will have these things, and i know i will feel better about myself .. and i also know all of this is extremely shallow, but i don't even care. i want to make the people who think i'm ugly eat their words.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • oooooh the animosity.

  • sure you do. you're probably jealous of her ha

  • ...I think Megan Fox is ugly..

  • commenters, megan fox is an exception to what you are saying, sorry ! no one could ever find her even the slightest bit unattractive.

  • im sorry but not everyone is gonna think your gorgeous.
    theres just no waay
    even the most cutest actresses (in my eyes) get hated on.
    its so annoying.

  • LOL ^ Very wise advice.

  • are you f****** kidding me? by the time you realize you can't please everyone and that you really need to love yourself, you'll be looking like michael jackson. this is a warning!

  • No matter what there are going to be people who just think you are ugly period. That's that great thing about it. No one will ever be gorgeous to everybody. But keep trying. LOL

  • Don't worry, everyone wants that. No matter what there will always be someone who thinks you're ugly, either because of envy or personal preference. Just do what makes YOU happy, don't worry about anyone else!

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