The internet!

Firstly... I hate it when american people say "innernet" instead of "internet"! It makes them sound silly and lazy. Come on guys... Don't be silly.

I hate religion... Just an excuse to gain power over weak minded and frightened individuals and get them to do what is required by religious leaders.

I hate the immense overpopulation of the world.
I want the population to decrease by 3/4 to let our planet recover.

I often hate most of the human population because of their blind ignorance and uselessness.

I just want a quiet life so just leave me alone.

Nov 29, 2017

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  • Whyyou thinkin all amiconos spelllll innernet wrong?
    F*** you and the horse you rode in on. Your ignorance is blinding.

  • What is a "whyyou", and what is a "amicono"? Talk about blinding ignorance.
    You and the other two hateful little peons below are just proving OP's point, so keep babbling :)

  • Other posters... this IS confession post. Let it all out except bragging about crimes.

  • If you hate so many different targets, perhaps the problem is in you, and not in the objects of your hate?

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