First time

Me and my boyfriend have been together for four months... I think I'm ready for s** but I'm not sure... We've never talked about it before but he daily calls me cute when we meet up in the morning at school and before track and we sit together on the bus and hang out on weekends... I think I'm in love with him but I've been abused before and I'm afraid... Idk what to do

Nov 29, 2017

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  • Don't have s** with him until you know within yourself, you're ready. You obviously aren't ready. Otherwise, you wouldn't have doubts. You seem to cherish your virginity, which is a beautiful thing. If you didn't, you would have lost it already. Keep having self-preservation, respect, values and morals girl. From what it's worth, your bf seems like a good person from the minute info you've disclosed out him. However, you've only been sayin 4 months. Perhaps give it more time. You'll both know when it's time. As long as you don't pressurise yourself to do it before you're ready and the same goes for your bf.

    Always be prepared aswell e.g. Birth control pills, aswell as condoms. Ensure you're age of consent.

  • First thing you need to do is protect yourself. Go get birth control pills and condoms. Make sure you wait as instructed by the doctor and then when you do have s**, make sure to use the condoms. If you are protected from pregnancy and protected from std's than you should be fine to have s**. Go and enjoy yourself.

  • Just make love, it's fun... And then give us a very descriptive story about what happened...

  • Agreed... Go do it girl... It's fun... And then come back and keep telling all of us about your se*xperiences in details

  • We're both teenagers

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