From Fat Shamer to Fatso

I have to confess that when I was a kid, I had a couple of cousins who were on the chubby side. Most likely just baby fat. I was an obnoxious j*** and used to tease them unmercifully! I am a guy.

Time has passed and karma has caught up with me. In the past few years I have been putting on weight. I have put on about 70 lbs and am currently sitting at 240. My belly has really started to get big. I have to now confess that I actually like it and get a really thrill that I am now the fat one. Part of me wants to gain a lot more, maybe up to 280. I guess when I teased them I was in fact jealous.

I want to acknowledge to them that I was a nasty j*** teasing them and also confess that karma has punished me with this massive paunch.

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  • Laughing out loud! I would give this kid in my neighborhood with a big chubby belly a pink belly. I would get all of the kids in the neighborhood to help me. We would chase him and catch him, pull his shirt above his head and give him a pink belly while making that belly shake.

    Now I have that big belly and I have had many pink bellies and belly punches. I remember getting a pink belly at school and one of the guys told me that my belly was big and wobbly, that’s when I realized the chubster that i became. Karma is a b****

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