I have a crush on Donald Trump

Even if he does look like he has down syndrome...he is a great man, who has done great things. There are other reasons for the crush too but I won't go into them....none of them include money.

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  • Is that you, Ivanka?

  • #sickfuck! DJT is an idiot and he embarrasses our nation every time opens his mouth. Or his Twitter account.

  • He is free and doesn't care what idiots like yourself gossip and hate on. It's all showbiz, like the Jerry Springer show or a wrestling match, he knows how to keep fools busy. ;)

    Love Donald Trump, he's a God.

  • Sure he doesn't care. That's why he goes crying to Twitter every single time somebody doesn't worship him. I've known teenage girls less insecure than him.

    But I'm sure you don't see all the evidence, because you're even more mentally deficient than he is. Love him all you want, but unless you're both rich and a total suck up to him, you are not on his radar except as a resource to use up and throw away.

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