Lost bet drunk fishing

I am married and go to Canada every year for a week of fishing, drinking, fun with the guys. Second year I had no partner so they gave me one. It was remote fly-in lake. Awesome place. Liked my new partner from start. Every day drank too much. One afternoon already sh*tfaced partner wanted to make a bet on biggest fish for next hour. Winner gets to make other guy do whatever he says. Didn't think much of it. Thought of funny things loser might have to do. Well I lost bet. He said I was his. We both laughed and I said OK what do you want. I'm all yours I pay my debts. He stood up and much bigger, stronger. He walked over in front of me, dropped his pants and underwear, and said I had to suck his c***. I told him I wasn't gay. He said it didn't matter. I lost and had to pay up. It looked huge and was growing. I was amazed. He grabbed back of my head and shoved it in. Made me suck and gagged much. Made me swallow. I was shocked but liked itHe said I did great. Best he ever had. Said he couldn't wait to tell the other guys. I screamed NO he couldn't tell them. He said maybe he wouldn't have to. He made me take care of him in the boat all week. Later in week he even used my butt like I was his woman. Nothing I could do about it for him to keep quiet. He was quite satisfied all week.

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  • Sounds lick you enjoyed yourself and why not. I'm married and enjoy the occasional gay s**, I have a desire every couple of months to f*** another man and my best friend is always available

  • Yeah get that d*** daddy

  • So you're gay. What's your point?

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